9-0136  0-1182   0-1475  0-1504
The only four 'known' left handed bursts - probably  custom orders
(Dire Wolf)    There's still a 5th LEFTY Burst out there spotted by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Guitars in Buffalo, NY but definitely a real Burst.
It was at the 2008 Arlington show I first  met Damir Sabolovic  (at the Tom Wittrock stand) displaying two left handed bursts - 0-1504 and 0-1475.  Sir Paul McCartney ownes  0-1182.   9-0136, the only '59,   was formerly owned by John McEnroe. At the 2012
Arlington Show, Heritage Auctions were displaying 9-0136 and 0-1475 prior the actual auction at Beverly Hills October 2012. Sale prices realised were $194.5k and $135k.    I filmed Clive Brown inspecting both guitars  in  the HA display room . 
Mike Gutarrez from HA organised the sale and talked me through his thoughts on the guitars
the first burst is 0-1475 -small colour fade on the cutaway tip.
0-1504  the Stroup Burst   (LPF-Steve Craw)
  1. Behold the Stroup burst, orderd by Don Stroup in Jan 1960, and delivered May 25, 1960. Certainly the nicest of the three lefy bursts, still with all it's tags and the retail sales contract that shows delivery on May 25,1960, $150.00 deposit, and three monthly payments of $64.17. Still in the original case.

now in Spain - see more pics below
thanks to Tom Wilson for these two pics of 0-1504 -
0-1182 the Maca burst - (LPF oceantoad)

it was owned by Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen before Macca. i think paul actually bought it from Rick if i'm not mistake (LPF  Garampingat)

 Ed Seelig  owned 0-1182 and sold it to Rick  thro the dealer Paul Alenov (thanks Ed)

Here it is hanging out at a guitar show in the 80s  (LPF  DANELECTRO)

thanks to Ed Seelig for these 2 pics
  1. Hey everyone.

    I didn't sell Paul his Les Pauls. Although he owns at least 5 instruments that were mine at one point he has never bought anything from me.
    Linda did buy the 1957 PAF Gold Top for him as a gift. She took good care of him, buying him things he was too cheap to buy for himself.
    The near mint lefty '57 with PAFs that I owned was the one Norm Harris had for years. I bought it from him. It is easily one of the best Les Pauls ever built. Too bad it's in a non-working collection now, along with the Stroup Burst and my '53 Telecaster.  Although I've played McEnroe's rather trashed 1959, and McCartney's 1960, the only one I owned was the Stroup Burst (twice), which I originally bought from Albert Molinaro. It was a terrible instrument, with a vertical neck split from overtightening the rod, internal chamber and channel from being built using a right handed body blank, and a weak neck pickup. But she's a looker...  According to Rick Nielson, McCartney's company traded him $10K worth of gear for his 1960 lefty Burst. I had sold several instruments to raise the $10K asking price (this was 1987' after all, and I was still a partner at Voltage). Gruhn was brokering it. When I called to wire the funds, I found out that Rick had pulled it and sold it to McCartney. Oh well, at least I've gotten to play it, and he's put it to better use than I would have.
    Gibson built lefties in runs of 4 in the 1950s through mid 1960s. This is true of any model they shipped left handed, guitar or bass. There are four known lefty Bursts, and four known PAF Gold Tops. There are at least 16 lefty P-90 Gold Tops that I've owned or brokered, including one that belonged to Cesar, dating from 1953 - 1958. Two of them having later serial numbers than all four of the PAF equipped ones.   According to official sources over the years, Gibson did not separate out lefty production totals until 1974, with the Les Paul Deluxe.   I hope that is some help. I'll post images I have of them when I get a chance.

    Scott Jennings
    Route 66 Guitars

0-1475  The Florida Burst  
  1. (TOM WITTROCK) The Florida Burst  was the one broken, and by the owner and not by the agent. It was shown at Arlington and sold by Heritage Auctions.

  2. ( LPF JIMI55LP)The owners of the Florida Burst and another 1960 lefty Burst along with the 59 #9 0136 were busted by the US Marshalls for a "ponsie scheme" and the guitars were confiscated for resale to make restitution to the victims of the scheme. These guys paid well for these guitars and I don't know if they were righties or not but were dumping large amounts of cash in collectables.

  3. .(Damir Sabolovic)  Tuners has been replaced with Schallers when I got it.
    I donated a real Kluson set and let the enlarged holes  being prof closed ,


  4. The  Pick Guard guard was gone. I did install a old 50th turned upside down.
    The brown case was gone and I  added one of mine.
    All else was untouched and guitar came from original owners widow in Florida.
    The Guitar was bought in  January 1961 after it was a special order from a shop in Florida for another customer who could not pay the full amount after it came in.
    It was sitting for a few months in the shop until the new owner sold his used car to get the money for it to take it out  from the music instrument shop in St. Petersburg FL.


in the video Clive  Brown points  the headstock break/repair also the front  headstock razor blade checkeing
9-0136 McEnroe Burst
0-1475 and 9-0136 -  in the display cabintet at Arlington 2012

2004 LPF thread Steve Craw
I had the pleasure of playing this beauty in 1985 at Guitar Trader in Red Bank NJ. Serial # 9 0136, it has been in John MacEnroe's hands for several years now. The only published photos I've ever seen of it were in the Rittor Publishing book; The Gibson, with the same photo in black and white in Vic DaPra's two books.
The poloroid photo was sent to me by the guys at Guitar Trader, and the others I took when I visited the store. If you never got the chance to visit them, it was quite an experience. Jay Scott worked there at the time, and I'll never forget him opening up eight brown cases and laying all those 59 bursts at my feet. Some of which later turned up in "Burst and BOTB.
I always regreted not pulling the trigger on this guitar when I had the chance, especially at the $8000.00 asking price.

9-0136      2 pics from Tom  Wittrock
Small H

Press Release - October 8, 2012

Legendary Left-Handed 1959 Les Paul ‘Burst, One Of Only Two(4ed.) Known, In Heritage Auctions Guitar Event

Could bring $125,000+ in Oct. 26 auction in Beverly Hills; also featuring one of only two known 1960 left-handed Les Paul ‘burst guitars, with the other one known to belong to Paul McCartney

BEVERLY HILLS – A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 9 0136 is expected to bring at least $125,000 when it comes across the auction block on Oct. 26 as part of Heritage Auctions’ Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments Signature® Auction.

The most famous and sought-after electric guitars in the world are the Gibson Les Paul ‘bursts from the first three years of their manufacture, 1958-1960, in which just about 1,600 were created. Of those 1,600, only four were made left-handed guitars – two in 1959 and two in 1960.

“Of the two ’59 left-handed ‘bursts, only the whereabouts of one of them is currently known,” said Mike Gutierrez, Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions, “and it’s in the vault at Heritage waiting for a new owner to come and claim it after the auction. Talk about a ‘Holy Grail’ piece, this one has it all; rarity, beauty, a story and unquestioned value.”

The two 1960 left-handed Les Paul ‘bursts are of almost equal legend to the 1959s. Of those two, one is known to be in the possession of none other than Sir Paul McCartney. The other 1960 left handed Gibson Les Paul ‘burst Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 0 1475, is currently keeping its 1959 counterpart company in the Heritage vault, awaiting its moment in the same auction, where it is expected to bring $60,000+.

“Consider this then,” said Gutierrez. “Of the full census of four left-handed ‘bursts made in 1959 and 1960, half of them are accounted for in this auction. It doesn’t matter how you play guitar, right or left-handed, or if you play at all, these instruments transcend music and qualify as being among the very best collectibles in the world.”

The U.S. Marshalls Service is selling these guitars at auction to benefit victims of the Aspen Energy Oil and Gas Investment Scheme.

Post Sale

BEVERLY HILLS, CA.- A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left-Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 9 0136, one of only two 1959 left-handed ‘bursts ever made – and one of just four left-handed ‘bursts made out of 1,600 created between 1958 and 1960 – brought $194,500 on Saturday, Oct. 27, to lead Heritage Auctions’ $1.24+ million Vintage Guitars & Musical Instruments Signature® Auction. All prices include Buyer’s Premium.

The guitar was part of a consignment of instruments and equipment from the United States Marshals Service, with profits from the sales benefiting victims of the Aspen Energy Oil and Gas Investment Scheme.

The other top highlights from the U.S. Marshals Service grouping included an almost equally legendary 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst Left Handed Solid Body Electric Guitar, Serial # 0 1475, just one of two known, with the other instrument known to belong to Sir Paul McCartney. The guitar realized $134,500, more than doubling its’ pre-auction estimate of $60,000+.

“The 1959 left-handed ‘burst is about as rare, and famous, as any guitar in the world,” said Mike Gutierrez, Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions.” Collectors came after it in a very serious way, resulting in the almost $200,000 price realized. That enthusiasm translated to the rest of the offerings in the auction, as well, resulting in a 96.5% sell-through rate by total value.”


0-1504 Stroup or Spanish burst
 interesting  details about the Stroup routing
No plug or other visible sign that it was built using a right handed blank.

It is routed on the reverse (inside) for a right handed control cavity, but this isn’t visible.
 There is no left handed wiring channel. It was drilled from the jack hole, under the pickups,
 to the switch cavity with a boring bit.

It’s not a great guitar. I owned it twice, but solely for its value. One weak (neck?) pickup,
 vertical crack down the back of the neck from over tightening the truss rod. But it is lighter

than most bursts, since it has the chamber inside.

Also, McCartney’s has the same interior routing as the Stroup. Again, no plug. Bu
t it did have a neck joint
 issue that caused a finish touch up, making it a factory second.

I still haven’t seen the third supposed 1960 in person, but from the origination
 stories (it has two), photos and other’s firsthand accounts, I believe it’s a forgery.

Scott Jennings