This was the Burst Believers stand at the London Int. Guitar Show Kempton Park - 2019. Thanks Neil F, Bob W, Dave K
who shared theri great collections.Many thanks to the organisers Peter and Gail Hoarty who provided a great space which was cordoned off and complete with a full time security guard. -  What a  great display of vintage guitars.  John Cunningham was my co - pilot and I couldnt have manged without his assistance. All the Burst Believer books were available and the new Burst Gang  edition from Taka - We had some interesting visitors - Alan Darby fresh from playing with EC at the Crossroads Festival - Steve Hoyland, guitar and audio specialist to Jimmy Page.  Burst Believers, David Noble, Art Attwood and  Dzal Martin who all posed for pics with  BB4  -  look out for them in the  next BB edition.............
Steve  Hoyland with 8 5515  -  Steve was a great help with the Jimmy Page feature in BB4
8 5515   big C profile neck, featured in BB4 -  double black PAF p/u  bobbins    n - 7.32  b - 7.30
1954 GT big C profile neck   n -8.72  b -7.10
The imposter - NGD  the 50th aniv. lovely top with good paint job and mineral streaks - love it
This '59 is one of the cleanest i have seen - Gibson were turning out their best guitars with these 335's
Double white bobbin PAF's - replaced tuners which had crumbled - medium D profile neck     n - 8.87   b - 7.84
61/62 Shoreline Gold  - refret and saddles replated in 2001 -  5 way fitted, original in case - n - 5.81, m - 5.17, b - 6.10