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GGuitar Point Germany

0-1930       179K Eur. 



1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Les Paul Standard "Minty"




For auction with Heritage

Feb 15th  L.A.   go to  www.ha.com


   SOLD FOR $137K



8-6748   George Gruhn  




availbable to see at New Kings Road vintage shop London



01245 401066  UK

+44 1245 401066   international







Guitarren  Switzerland

or     www.Vintageandrare.com




0-7600  'Looney burst   Chicago Music Exchange

25%  price reduction - now  $245k price

9-090X    Richie Sambora burst from New Kings Road Guitars  and   www.Vintageandrare.com                             Eur217.654

Fretted Americana    9-1962 Rosie Lea

on E-bay   $250.000

Fors sale on Ebay 2014    $175   Florida


This is the Holy Grail of electric guitars to any players, dreamers or any real serious collectors, its fresh & completed uncirculated from its caretaker of 27 years, its Cherry Sunburst finish has faded to a light brown color still retaining its true red color inside all its cavities, its center seam 2 piece maple top has some interesting flames & figure going on all over, its cherry red finished back, sides & neck show a good amount of player use & tons of patina, it does not have a huge ’59 feel but it has a nice full sized neck, it has a small spot of finish worn away by its last owners arm on the left side of its maple top, it wore Grover tuners for the last ½ century, now having its original Kluson Tuners back on her, its original PAF pickups are simply fabulous having that scorching “Bonamasa” deep growl that we all would expect, it has all its original cream plastic pickup bezels, pickgard & end pin jack plate, it has 5 tiny extra holes from wearing a Bigsby Vibrato for a few years by its 1st owner, its original frets are still very user friendly, it has a c.1964 ABR-1 bridge currently, otherwise she’s all original & just a great investment for the future as these are only starting to rebound in price again, finally she weighs in at only 8 lbs.15 oz; a very lightweight Std; now’s your time to grab hold of your dream Les Paul before they are $300K.again, she’s excellent overall & comes in a newer exact reproduction Brown hard case w/pink lining.  

Gil Southwarth paid at auction   $145  plus charges = $165k


                                or more info click the link




0 3189      OFFERS OVER $65K



Drew Berlin from the Burst Bros had this one fore sale at Arlington  2014




Rumble Seat Music  CA   2014 

9-0676   for sale in France

thanks to Les Paul  Forum


now on sale at GuitarPoint  see below




01-1167   click for web site


Now open for offers: The Dutchburst original 1960 Les Paul guitar. Serial 011167. Beautiful deep Darkburst, tight spaghetti flame, The guitar owned by Robbert van der Ende (second owner) This guitar was naturally aged by playing it! Full history available. This is the original instrument on which the collectors choice number 18 is based. Original guitar, original pickups, electronics and pots, original frets, replaced tunomatic (replaced in the seventies) comes with original but retolexed case. This guitar is now available for offers!  call me or mail me at robb@maxguitar.nl. serious bidders only! more pics available. tetsing on appointment only!




This original guitar was a special order made for a Dutch jazz artist in 1960 who used the guitar his entire life and eventually left it to his son. A guitar with a stunning pinstripe flame top and Serial 011167. One of the very last of the illusive 635 or so ‘Bursts’ crafted in the year of 1960 before production stopped. One of a small number that were shipped to Europe and one of very few that survived. It surfaced in 2006 on a sunny day in August. A man in his early forties brought a black guitar case into the Max Guitar store in The Hague, Holland. This couldn’t be a late 1960 Les Paul? Could it? Rich, thick weather checking, fatty, greasy dirt on the instrument. Worn, yellowed plastic parts and Shrunken tuners, grooves in the dark fingerboard, Rusty strings making a grinding noise over the corroded frets. A seasoned instrument, Played & Loved for decades – Stored for safekeeping inside an upright piano for 18 years!

Just 300 Gibson picked up on this great find and is now releasing a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 replica’s of this extraordinary guitar, depending on demand.
A special order made at Gibson in late 1959 lead to the production and delivery of a special, unusual and perfect dark Les Paul Standard in 1960- An order from a Dutch jazz artist who used the guitar his entire life and eventually left it to his son – Stunning pinstripe flame top – Serial 011167 – One of the last of the illusive 635 or so ‘Bursts’ crafted in the year of 1960 before production stopped – One of a small number that were shipped to Europe – And one of very few that survived – A great piece of guitar history – Full of Gibson Mojo – Endowed with endless sustain – The stuff one dreams about – Luscious curves – Woman tone – Seasoned, Played & Loved for decades – Stored inside an upright piano for years – It surfaced in 2006 on a sunny day in August – A man in his early forties brought a black guitar case into a guitar store in The Hague, Holland – A refurbished case without any specific ‘Gibson’ markings – No immediate clue to what kind of guitar was in the case – Curiosity – Opening an old guitar case is like opening a birthday present – The excitement, the characteristic smell – Opening the case – Too good to be true – This couldn’t be a late 1960 Les Paul? – Could it? – checking the serial a dozen times – impressed by the sheer history that this guitar and its case ‘oozed’ – It seemed to have been sitting in the case for years – Hibernation – Rich, thick weather checking, fatty, greasy dirt on the instrument – Worn, yellowed plastic parts – Shrunken tuners – distinguished nickel – Grooves in the dark fingerboard – Rusty strings making a grinding noise over the corroded frets – Internal conversation: “This must be a 1960 Les Paul….at least it has all the hallmarks of one. It can’t be, but still it is!

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Another nice and almost unknown Burst: In Germany since the early 70s, this nice Burst has allready had two famous Pre-owners and this guitar was even on the cover of a record once in the early 80s. Mostly original, one of the previous owners has swaped the pickups for "zebras", which was quiet common back then, several refrets, a new nut and a change to Grovers long time ago, the orig. Klusons are back on now. The centerseem mapletop has some mild figure, lots of battlescars and plenty of mojo. Medium nice 58-sice neck-profile, definately not huge or chunky! One of our bestsounding burst we´ve had, definately the lightest we´ve had so far, ...the weight is only a killer 3,62 Kg (= 7,98lbs).

Comes incl. original brown case with pink lining.



175k euros

1960  refret  & new tuners -  Gary Winterflood  Guitar Avenue

Here is the holy grail and i am proud to offer it for sale, a newly discovered original Burst. Found it on the attic of a musician near Amsterdam last January. He owns the guitar since 1981 and now is ready to part with it and asked me to offer it to the world. It has the very nice serial# 9 1259, the only Burst i know of who has 59 in the serial#, how cool is that. It's a plaintop with still a nice Burst on it, only light fading into a brownish Burst. The original PAF's have an output of 7.3 ohms and sounds magical, not so high output and therefore a sweet, warm, mellow sound which also rocks when you want to, i love it, this is a true tonewonder. We compared it to other vintage beauties, but to me the legend is true, these 59's really have something special. The guitar was played ofcourse, so it has changed tuners into Grovers, 2 later date pots, later date pick-up rings and some other changed plastic parts, frets are also changed. Between the volume and toneknobs there are some hairline cracks in the wood, a light hairline crack is also present in the back cavity. The hardcase is a later date. So it has some wear and changed parts, but it's a newly discovered Burst which isn't in any registry yet and looks and sounds wonderfull.

For serious enquiries please send me a message.

Please note that the guitar is at a safe location at the owners place and checking it can be done with me on appointment.

The guitar comes with CITES certificate.

Fore more detailpics, please visit:


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9-1541  for sale at GC  Hollywood CA

$350k and non orig paf's


thanks to Richard   'landminelenny' on the LPF


you need to read the LPF discussion on this guitar

as i have quoted on the front page




0-7615  CHICAGO MUSIC EXCAHANGE.    $252K     May 2015  

Here at CME, we have the honor and privilege of curating and playing many amazing instruments. Every so often though, something comes along that stops us all in our tracks and leaves us speechless. That's exactly what happened when we first opened up the brown Stone case and laid our eyes on the absolutely stunning top on this incredible Burst that we're ironically calling "scarface". It earned that nickname because a previous owner (who undoubtedly was a Jimmy Page fan) decided to add an onboard fuzz circuit to the underside of the pickguard which was bulky enough that it required the removal of a small portion of the top in order for it to fit. Fortunately, in July of 1988, a very skilled luthier did a tremendous job of reverting the beauty back as close to its original cosmetic condition as possible by placing a piece of maple which matched the surrounding grain very well into where it was once removed. This repair is completely invisible under the pickguard. No photograph really does justice to the figured top of this guitar, although it does look great in the popular book "Beauty of the 'Burst".

Equally as impressive as this guitar's gorgeous looks are its effortless playability, the impressive resonance of the aged woods, and the astounding sound of the PAF pickups through a good tube amp. It's no wonder why this guitar has become the "standard" that so many builders have based their solid body models on. It's also no surprise that this year and model instrument was used by seminal artists on timeless recordings such as "Blues Breakers" with Eric Clapton.

Capsulemusic Toronto  1960    May 2015

RumbleSeat Music  - thanks to LPF/4string        taken at Dallas Guitar Show 2015

Sunburst Les Paul Standards are the Most Desirable Vintage Guitars. Featuring Gibson's Legendary PAF Pickups, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, Flamed Maple Top, and Original 5 Latch Brown Hardshell Case, this is a Fine Example of a '60 Burst that Plays and Sounds Incredible! EXC w/OHSC $210,000.



2 x '59's and 2 '60's

Uncle Lou's  at $250k

Ace Frehley at a 7 figure sum

9-1256 Eu265K

ex Garry Moore   $265k  Uncle Lou's
9-0639 Zinner Burst  £127k  LA Music
Incredible original Burst with significant authentic mojo, as seen on page 235 of Robbie Lawrence's book "The Les Paul Legacy; 1915-1963", opposite of Peter Green's famous flame top.
8-5738 for sale in Germany
Small Heading
9-1089   Ralphie   March 2016   G-Base
9 2177 ?
8-5493 for sale Carters  March 2016
see data base for video link     $175k
$145k    March 2016 replaced headstock
9-0617  auction in France
April 1960 
8-3087 Carter Vintage  $625k
9-0617 auctioned in France 2016 - reached $95k out of the door

#1   .......This is a real 1960 Gibson Les Paul Custom that was factory built with a Les Paul Standard maple top body . In 1960 the only Les Paul Standard body was the center-seam maple top body we call the burst.  This guitar was originally black, but when I purchased it someone had already refinished it see-through red.  I had it refinished to what you see now and I think it is one of the best looking Les Paul Gibson ever made.  It's truly a one-of-a-kind vintage Les Paul Custom Burst.

#2 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with nice flamed top . This guitar has been renecked and refinished all work on both guitars done at Historic Makeovers . Guitar has most original parts including pickup rings and a nice set of PAF's . Guitar weighes 8 lbs even and has a nice chunky neck . Plays and sounds beautiful . Original body with no issues other than the refinish . The original serial number has been restamped on the headstock .Both have nice five latch lifton cases .

I have two links to many pics where you can see everything about these guitars, so if interested please ask for the links.

Guitars can be viewed in Tallahassee at a high end store during daytime hours if you contact me first .

Small Heading
1960 for sale Guitar Avenue - Gary Winterflood -  refret and new tuners
Vic DaPra sold this one to Mike Slubowski
a '59 from Cowtown Guitars
1959 Les Paul Standard Burst in 100% original condition! Top has faded to nice dirty lemon burst. Nothing has been touched! Photos do not do the Flame on this top justice. It is a beauty! Rare chance to get burst that hasn't been through a bunch of peoples hands. Here are a few specs: Pickups read Bridge 7.74 Neck 8.72 Weight 9.2 pounds Nut width 1 5/8ths (perfect 59 profile) Again, 100% original. Original keys have shrunk and are included currently has a set of nice Era correct keys with Uncle Lou's buttons installed. This is the ONE. Just and absolute monster of a guitar. GREAT addition to any collection. 100% Original investment grade guitar. Cleanest one on the market. - See more at: https://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-les-paul-standard-1959-suburst#sthash.HkGINlR6.dpuf
9-0833 Mike Festa in Australia  $500K  (US)    email me for contact details
one for Burst Believers III