FOR MORE INFO AND PHOTOS   go to                      BB - BURST BELIVERS by VIC DAPRA 

                                         BOTB - BEAUTY OF THE BURST          TB  -  SUNBURST by Tony Bacon     DH  Dave Hunter   


                MLP -       LPF     MY  Mac Yasuda       GIbB- Gibson Burst  Scott/DapPra    

                LPJ  - Japanese Burst book  2016      GCY - Gibson Classic Years     LPL -  Les Paul Legacy    SA-Sunburst Alley

                Bst- Burst 1958-60    ChCo - Chinnery Collection      BG2  Burst Gang re-issue

6-5063  GI Paul              Tom wittrock                                                                    

7-2916                            ex Snowy White             Heritage auction 2015                 see guitar stories

7-3281                                                                   BG2 p.87

7-3308  Goldfinger                                                                                                   #36 Collectors Choice

7-3731                            Tom Wilson                    authors                                        youtube with 9-1856

7-3760  the Bishop         Kris Blakely                    BB3 p.216

7-6169                            ESP museum


7-6459                                                                                                                        a poss. '57 burst - strange route for a poss.  P90

7-8789                            George Harrison

8-1076                            Yoshio Nomura               his own book                               a goldtop

8-1869                                                                    Abalone/LPF Bst p.14                 in the Gibson records - Cherry Red

8-2453                                                                    LPF                                             sunburst (refin!)  Clapton gave to Kossoff

8-2688                            ex Don Lee                                                                        Flying V

8-3087                            Carter vintage                 LPF Eric E.  BB3 p.144-7           special finish  X 3 maple cap - see Gibson log    

                                                                                                                                    J D Simo demo

8-3096                            Slash                          BOTB p.8  TB p.81 BB4p.34            special finish X 3 maple cap - see Gibson log           


8-3102                            LBC                                 author                                          part of a large burst collection

8-3107                            LBC                                 author                                          part of a large burst collection

8-3119                            TH                                   Goldtop                                        author



8-3586      )   

8-3591      )                    Tom Wittrock                                                                      burst parts on lap steels

8-3613      )   




8-5288                                                                    Mike Bowen                                 possible 1st burst,  3087 and 3096 spec finishes

8-5325                                                                    GibB p.9   Bst p.12  

8-5346                                                                    SA p.16  Bst p.15

8-5385                                                                    LPJ p.129  SA p.72                    Kiya Gallery Collection

8-5382                                                                    BB p25                                        deep rich cherry sunburst


8-5386    'Moonburst'   Tom Wittrock                  BB p.49   BB2  p.22                   tea burst - one of the best on the planet

                                                                               BOTB p26   GibB p.12/26

                                                                               Bst p.15  BB3 p.110 BB4 p.150                                                                                          


8-5388   The Other Woman   Tom Wittrock                  BB p.30  BOTB p.10                  1990 video

                                                                                LPF    TW posteGibB p.12      TW  DVD 2010

                                                                                BB2  p.146  MY p.2 

                                                                                SA  p.17/40  Bst p.15/57

                                                                                BB3 p.214/5


8-5393                                                                    BB p.43                                        used in the 1960 Gibson Catalog

8-5394                           ex Billy Squier                                                                     stolen from him in1986

8-5395   Wave burst      ex Mike Bowen

8-5397   Sunny                                                        BB2 p.146  SA p.23                    cherry sunburst unfaded

8 5403   Cave man       Craig Erickson                    BB4 p.88                                    Arlington Guitar Show 2015

8-5404   Rita                  Shovel 95                         LPF

8-5411                                                                    LPJ p.12

8-5413                                                                    BOTB p.13

8-5416                                                                    BOTB p.27

8-5418                            Ron Proler                       BOTB p.15  GibB p.13                featured on Vintage Mag T-shirt                 

                                                                               BB p.64-5   SA p.11/43

                                                                               TB p.98 BB4 p.188

8-5419                                                                    LPF/BSL   SA p.42

                                                                               BB4 p.205



8-5430                            Ted Nugent                      BB3 p.124

8-5334                                                                    SA p.40

8-5435                                                                    BSL 2016



8-5489                                                                    BOTB p.17

8-5493                             MarkTrumbo                                                                    Dave Nassie demos     

8-5494    Frey burst         Deacon Frey                  BB4 p.110/1                                                    


8-5495   Molly                  Mike Ross/Phil Hylander                                                BOTB p.28   GibB p.13

                                                                                SA p.73  BB3  p.211


8-5500                                                                    Tom Wilson                                see news page


8-5501                            Keith Scott                       BB  p.12    BB p.73                    Bryan Adams band


8-5502                                                                    BOTB  p.29  LPJ p.14

                                                                               SA p.73


8-5504                           KennethFors                    SA p.34  BG2 p.55/81                Bigsby

8-5506                                                                    BB p.104                                   lots of red still  in this one

8 5512                           Gary Dick                         author  BB3 p.61-62                   Arlington Guitar Show 2015


8-5515                           Bob W (UK)                      BB4 p.227

8-5521                                                                    BB p.104  TB p.90  BB2 p28

                                                                               BB3 p.226 


8-5625                                                                    LPJ p.16

8-5673                            Billy Squier                      BB p.43  BB4 p.132

8-5737                            Pete Brown                    BB3   p.62                                   vid 01

                                                                                                                                    Big Bang

8-5738                            Martyn Ernst                   owner                                           the possible s/n  not posotive -  poor h/stock repair

8-5803                                                                    GibB p.14


8-6098                                                                   BB p.41  BB2 p.187                    BB2 has tremondous  detailed pic

8-6342                                                                   BG2  p.11/58

8-6727                                                                    BOTB p19 T Wilson                     see news section

                                                                               SA p.69  BG2 p26

                                                                               LPJ p.129                                    Kiya Gallery collection

8-6728   Tiger Lily          Rich Russel                      BB p.40  LPJ p.131                     Kiya Gallery Collection  Bigsby removed, stop tail                                                                                SA p.34                                        installed in orig. fac drilled

                                                                                BOTB p.20                                  holes.  Billy Gibbons montage photo


8-6730                                                                     BOTB p.22  LPF  GibB p.15

                                                                                LPJ p.129   SA p.5                     Kiya Gallery Collection

                                                                                BB3 p.190/1

8-6732                                                                     info ex Hoss and LPF                 mint condition

8-6735                                                                     BB2 p.123 BB4 p.205


8-6738   Tea burst         Mike Slubowski                BB p.85  LPF   BB2 p.68/9

                                                                               BB p.188

8-6740                           ex John McLaughlin                                                              for sale Paris guitar show mid 90's

8-6742                           Gary Moore

                                       Lou Gatanas                    BB p131 BB3 p.63   BB3  p.78

                                       Kirk Hammett                   BB4  p.82  BG2  p.77


8-6743                                                                    BB2 p.184


8-6748                            George Gruhn                                                                    for sale 2014

8-6749                                                                    BOTB p.24

8-6752                                                                    BOTB p.30

8-6753                             Dan Boone                     BB p.77   BB2 p.78/79                bought in 1970 for $100 and an Epi amp

                                                                               BB4 p.179

8-6754                             ESP museum                 BB p.47  LPJ p.18

8-6756                             Greg Martin                     BB p.47  TB p.116-138

                                                                                BB2 p.159

8-6758                             Ronnie  Proler                 TBp.98

8-6761                             Ralph Perry                     LPL01  BB3 p.165                       ex GTR guitars 1973 $1400

8-6762                             Paul Polycarpou              BB p.41    BB3 p.4/15

8-6774 Shang ri la           Kenneth Fors                   BB4 p.29

8-6775                                                                     LPJ p.20

8-6782                                                                     SA p.55 BG2 p.54

8-6784   Jennifer              Charlie Daughtry            BB p.74  LPF  MLP

                                                                                TB p.94   BB2 p.46   BB3 p.98

                                                                                BB3 p.100-101


8-6785                                                                     BB p.47

8-6787                            D. Alder                           BB4 p.214                                 Guitar  Point  ex Ronnie Montrose



8-6801                                                                    LPL p.242                                    all cherry with Bigsby

8-6802                             ESP museum                 Young Guitar July 2008               ESP video   

                                                                                LPJ p.22

8-6803                              JJ Carter                        f/b                                               Dick Knight 70's conversion from  g/top ex jim waldo

                                                                                                                                  AJ Stoud and Carl Nielsen   d/w pafs



                                                                               BB p.72                                     Rick Nielsen receipt

8 6808                                                                    BB4 p.223

8-6809                                                                    BB3  p.148  

8-6811                            Mark Knopfler                 BB p.111  SA p.30                     ex Gary Winterflood

8-6893                                                                    BB2 p.42

8-6894                            x Tom Wittrock                 LPF  LPJ p.24

8-6895                                                                    BB2 p.113  LPJ p.134


8-6898                            Gary Winterflood             BB p.104                                      also been thro Richard Henry's hands

                                                                                                                                    sold twice at Kempton Park 2016

8-6900                                                                    BB2 p.28                                      Richard Henry pic


8-6906                                                                    Tsum p.99 Tom Wilson                tobacco    see news section

8-6907                                                                    LPJ p.26

8-6808                                                                    BB4


8-6914                                                                    LPJ p.135

8-6915                                                                    LPF and                                      F/B  refin

8-6917   Munich burst                                            BB p.100  BB2 p.27                    fantastic pic by Charlie Daughtry

                                                                               BB4 p.197

8-6924                                                                    BB p.23                                        for sale Arlington  G.S.  2008  $225k sanded neck

8-6926                           J Dickinson                      BB4 p.62/3

8-6927                                                                   Tom Wilson                                  see news for details Philly show 90s

8-6929                                                                   BB4 p.228



9-6998                                                                    BB p.6

8-7010                                                                    BB p.65

8-7013                                                                    Tom Wilsom                             see news page


8-7045                                                                    BB p.125   SA p.73   BB3 p.99

8-7049   Ralph Burst        Matt  King                       BB p.53   BB3 p.112                 ex Mick Ralphs   see LPF and Youtube         

                                                                                BB4 p.230/1


8-xxxx    no.1                   Jimmy Page                                                                      burst faded, distinct centre joint, no serial, lost when

                                                                                                                                  neck repaired - replaced bridge pickup - grovers

8-xxxx                              ex Mark Bolan               Tom Smith                                   see news sectin