Collectors Choice #30 Gabby

I actually own the specific guitar (serial number 001) Greg plays in the video for the "Gabby" model CC#30. It is among the very best Les Paul reissues that I have ever played. It certainly draws some attention from other local players when I gig with it, I must say      buckaroo LPF

A Burst So Pristine it could have stepped from a Time Capsule


An encounter with a genuine '59 Les Paul is breathtaking on any occasion, but when it's a genuine one-owner 'Burst like this one the experience is almost too intense for words. Loved and carefully played by its original owner for nearly five decades, this stunning Les Paul popped up in 2008 when the owner contacted Gibson. Gibson consulted noted Burst aficionado Vic DaPra–who just had to have it. Ultimately, Vic passed this gem along to an anonymous Texas collector, known for his generous entrustment of his prized collection to a network of active players. Now Gibson Custom brings you Collector's Choice™ #30 1959 Les Paul aka "Gibson Appraisal Burst/Gabby", a detail-perfect re-creation of one of the best preserved 'Bursts ever known. From its rich Cherry Red finish that remains remarkably strong and unfaded, to its gorgeously three-dimensional figured maple top with minimal playing wear, to its precise neck shape and top carve–and the Custom Buckers that accurately re-create its original PAFs–this is as close as you can possibly come to owning an immaculate vintage '59 Les Paul. Gabby will be produced in a Limited Edition of up to 300 guitars, as qualifying materials allow.

Selected matching figured maple, a digitally scanned neck shape and dish carve, accurate PAF repros, and gentle hand aging re-create an unusually well-preserved Burst


Product Features

  • Body: Hand selected distinctly figured maple top and lightweight, one-piece mahogany body, lightly hand-aged to match the original.

  • Neck/Fingerboard: Mahogany neck with a '59 profile taken from scans of the original, with one-piece rosewood fingerboard with cellulose inlays.

  • Finish: Strong cherry "Appraisal Burst" top, aniline dye back and sides.

  • Electronics: Custom Buckers with Alnico III magnets to re-create the original PAFs. Individual volume and tone controls with "bumble bee" capacitors and a three-way switch.

  • Hardware: Period correct Tune-o-matic bridge, lightweight aluminum tailpiece, and reissue Kluson™ tuners, all in aged nickel.

  • Plastics: Aged vintage correct pickguard, binding, pickup rings, and gold top-hat knobs.

  • Accessories: Hardshell case with trifold Certificate of Authenticity.



Wood Species:Figured Maple



Binding:Single Bound Reissue Cream



Wood Species:Mahogany



Binding:Top Only, Single Bound Reissue Cream



Weight Relief:

Average Weight (body only):2.95 kg / 6.5 lbs average


Materials Used

Glue:Franklin Titebond


Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:Hand selected backs for lightweight


Body Contour

Carve:Original 1959 Les Paul Standard




Wood Species:Mahogany




Truss Rod:Historic Reissue-No Tubing

Profile:1959 Gabby Profile

Thickness at Fret 1:2.26 cm / .890"

Thickness at Fret 12:2.54 cm / 1.0"

Other Materials:

Average Weight:.5667kg / 1.25 lbs


Peg Head

Type:1959 Reissue


Peg Head Binding:


Silkscreen:"Les Paul"

Headstock Angle:17 Degrees

Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:


Neck Fit

Joint Angle:

Joint Angle Tolerance:


Adhesive:Hot Hide Glue

Gauges Used:





Width:4.28 cm / 1.687"

Slots:E: .72 cm / .285
A: .72 cm / .285
D: .72 cm / .285
G: .72 cm / .285
B: .72 cm / .285
e: .72 cm / .285



Wood Species:Solid Indian Rosewood




Fingerboard Details

Radius:30.48 cm / 12"


Nut/End of Board:@ nut, @ end of board

Scale:62.865 cm / 24.75"

Binding:1.106mm /.040 Reissue Cream

Side Dots (Color):Tortoise Shell


Fingerboard Inlays


Material:Aged Nitrocellulose



Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Color Code:SB

Surface Texture:Hand Aged

Filler:Aniline Dye


Top:Heritage Cherry Sunburst Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Top Coat:Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer





Style:Custom BuckerCustom Bucker

Winds/Coil: Screw side/Slug side:5200-55905200-5590

Material of Wire (gauge):#42 Enamel#42 Enamel

Coil Dimensions (per coil):

Coil Material:ABSABS

Coil Winding Process:Machine WoundMachine Wound

Pole Piece Material:416 Grade Stainless Steel416 Grade Stainless Steel

Pole Piece Position from Nut:59.7 cm / 23.5"23.5"

Slug Material:416 Grade Stainless Steel416 Grade Stainless Steel

Slug Dimensions (diameter x length):

Magnet Material:Alnico IIIAlnico III

Magnet Position from Nut:58.36 cm / 22.975"22.975"

Magnet Dimensions:


Cover:Aged NickelAged Nickel





Tuning Keys

Style:Reissue Kluson Deluxe Green Keys, Single Band

Material:Nickel Plated Steel



Tuning Keys Details

Tuning Ratio:12:01

Gear Type:Closed

What is allowable turn:1 Quarter

Plating specs:Nickel Plated Stamped Steel

Part numbers:130-430-14889/90


String Dimensions

E:.11684 cm / .046W

A:.09144 cm / .036W

D:.06604 cm / .026W

G:.04318 cm / .017P

B:.03302 cm / .013P

e:.0254 cm / .010P



Style:ABR With Thumbwheels

Material:Nickel Plated

Plating Specs:Zinc Surrounded by a die casting alloy for casting flow-Nickel Plated

Part number:130-430-10161



Dimensions of String Slots

E:0.05 cm / 0.02"

A:0.05 cm / 0.02"

D:0.05 cm / 0.02"

G:0.05 cm / 0.02"

B:0.05 cm / 0.02"

e:0.05 cm / 0.02"



Style:Reissue Lightweight Aluminum



Plating Specs:Nickel

Part number:130-430-11738



Output Jack



Jack Plate

Style:Thick '59 Reissue Cream


Part Number:130-430-19385



Strap Buttons


Plating Specs:

Part numbers:130-430-19150



Pick Guard

Style:59 Reissue Cream

Part Number:130-430-12768


Truss Rod Cover


Part Number:130-430-19784



Style:Gold Top Hats

Part Number:130-430-19778


Dial Pointers






Control Plate(s) (Backplate Cover)

Style:Reissue Les Paul .09 Black Royalite

Part Number:130-430-19808


Control Plate(s) (SwitchPlate Cover)

Style:2014 "120th Anniversary" Die Cast Cover

Part Number:130-430-19016


Switch Washer

Style:Thin Cream Reissue

Part Number:130-430-19292C








Style:Reissue Les Paul

Color:Reissue Brown with Pink Fur Lining


Strap Locks:




COA/Other:Custom Shop Historic Certificate of Authenticity in Binder, Extra Black Plastic Treble/Rhythm Switch Cover Plate


8.4lbs Intricate Grain and Subtle Flame

This stunning Les Paul has a beautifullly intricate grain and a nice subtle flame. Weight 8.4lbs (3.81kg)



There are three years that nearly all Les Pauls we buy today are based on 1958, 1959 and 1960. Each of these years saw big changes to the guitar making each unique in their own right. In recent years Gibson have recreated these guitars in different ways using different technology, some are worn and aged while some look like they just came out of the factory. Some prefer the worn finish as it looks like if you had an original '59 model for over 50 years. What if an original survived pretty much any wear though? Well there is at least one that did.


The Story of 'Gabby'

The story of this guitar is long but in short it had been owned by the same man from 1959 to 2008 and was in essentially as new quality. The finish is even intact which normally would have faded off in this length of time. The original owner originally went to Gibson themselves to try and appraise the value of this almost mythical guitar. As Gibson are not in that business they let known collector and vintage guitar expert Vic DaPra handle the valuation of this spectacular instrument. Since then the original owner has sold the guitar but not before passing it on to Gibson for them to do their magic. The Gibson Custom shop then looked to make 'Gabby' or the 'Gibson Appraisal Burst' guitar part of the Collectors Choice line.

The Collectors Choice guitars are all extremely limited runs of iconic guitars that have been perfectly replicated to the millimeter. Collectors Choice #30 'Gabby' is limited to up to just 300 guitars in the world and once they have all been gone it will no longer be available. So now we know about this guitar let's take a look at what makes it just so special.

Not Your Ordinary R9

As we said earlier Gibson have been making replicas of '59 models for years now but it is very rare for them to have such an incredible specimen to work off. Most other guitars from 1959 have been moved around and gigged so much you can't be sure what the original finish was. This one however is just impeccable and we think you might need a time machine to get a more perfect original 1959 guitar. Now the important part is that you can now get your hands on possibly one of the best '59 replica Les Pauls that will ever be made.

Now let's get in to what makes this guitar so damn cool. First of all I should mention that it is not enough for this guitar to just look or feel like the original it has to sound like it as well. Because of this they have gone all out with everything from the wood choice to the electronics so you get the closest thing to the real deal.

What's It Made Of?

The body is made out of genuine 1 piece mahogany with no weight relief for a time accurate traditional feel. On top of this mahogany body your have a vintage carved unique figured maple top finished in this incredible Appraisal 'Burst which is only available on this guitar.

The neck like the body is made out of a single piece of genuine mahogany but with a maple spline just like the original had. The fingerboard is made of a single piece of Indian rosewood and has been filled up with some beautifully aged Cellulose trapezoid inlays for that classic look.

These may just sound like normal Les Paul specifications but it is the accuracy of the woods to the original and their 1 piece construction that makes this guitar stand out. With everything (minus the figured maple) being made out of single pieces of wood this guitar resonates beautifully so you can go on stage with a full sounding tone that will not disappoint.

What Goes In To It?

It does not just end there though! As we all know pickups, tuners, bridges and nuts all make a huge difference to how a guitar resonates and sounds. To get as close to the original 'Gabby' as possible Gibson have made a set of custom wound Custom Bucker Alnico 3 pickups that have been carefully made to get as close to the original as possible using modern day components. At the bridge you will find a lightweight aluminium ABR-1 bridge complete with thumb wheels for height adjustment. Finally you have time accurate Nylon nut and Reissue Kluson Deluxe machine heads to keep you in tune.


  • Body: Unique Figured Maple Top, Vintage Carved Dish, Genuine 1 Piece Mahogany Back

  • Neck: 1 Piece Genuine Mahogany with Maple Spline

  • Fingerboard: 1 Piece Indian Rosewood

  • Inlay: Aged Cellulose Trapezoid

  • Nut: Nylon

  • Finish: Appraisal 'Burst Top, Aniline Dye Back and Sides

  • Tuners: Reissue Kluson Deluxe

  • Bridge: Light Aluminium ABR-1 with Thumbwheels

  • Neck Pickup: Custom Bucker Alinico 3

  • Bridge Pickup: Custom Bucker Alnico 3

  • Headstock: Reissue Holly Head Veneer with Pearl Gibson inlay

  • Hardware: Nickel

  • Knobs: Gold Top Hats

  • Collateral: Leather Bound Tri-Fold Certificate of Authenticity