Collectors Choice #26 Whittford Burst

In his unwavering pursuit of success, particularly through the challenges of Aerosmith’s early years, Brad Whitford displays a kinship to the ultimate tenacity of the Les Paul design: the time-will-prove qualities and heroic achievements of a guitar that wasn’t fully appreciated until half a decade after it was deleted from the Gibson catalog. In both cases, time proved that commitment can outwait fleeting opinion, and that talent and craft are ultimately undeniable. The end result: Aerosmith became one of the world’s most important rock’n’roll bands, and the Les Paul became the most significant guitar in rock history.

Brad’s original 1959 Les Paul is an absolute tone-monster, and a guitar of exceptional feel and authentic, road-worn patina—not to mention the long-time favorite playing companion of a major hit-making artist—so when he offered it up for Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice™ series, the opportunity resonated on every level. Following the side-by-side collaboration between Brad and Gibson Custom’s Nashville luthiers, Collector’s Choice™ #26 1959 Les Paul “Whitford Burst” captures every nuance of look, tone, and feel of Brad’s original, from its individual neck profile, to the output of its original PAF pickups, to the dents, dings, and finish fade that are all part of its “just right” vintage Burst appearance, this is the closest you could possibly come to owning Brad’s actual ’59 Les Paul, and a truly stunning acquisition for player and collector alike. Collector’s Choice #26 will be crafted in a strictly limited run of 300 guitars (with qualifying materials ultimately determining the final number), so reserve yours now at your authorized Gibson Custom dealer.know a little more about you.




The Gibson Collectors Choice range show off the best guitars in Gibson's long history of making great instruments. #26 in this fantastic series is the 1959 Les Paul #9-0653 aka Whitford Burst as owned by Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford. Gibson have meticulously gone over this guitar and made replicas that are as close to the original as possible down to the small marks that this guitar has received in over 50 years since its production.

Made out of a single piece of lightweight mahogany this guitar body is a pleasure to play and Whitford 'Burst' finish really shows off the cracking 2-piece eastern maple top. The neck is made out of 1 piece of mahogany with a single piece of solid rosewood accented beautifully with aged cellulose trapezoid inlays and a nylon nut.

The level accuracy even goes to the custombucker pickups which have been designed to be as close to the pickups straight out of Brad's guitar. In every way possible this is as close as possible to the original 1959 Les Paul that has appeared with Aerosmith throughout the years. This guitar is limited to a run of only 300 guitars worldwide so order your Gibson #9-0653 1959 Les Paul today.

Here's what Gibson say about the Collectors Choice #26, #9-0653 Les Paul in Whitford Burst

Unwavering: a solid word that voices commitment to achievement regardless of how difficult the challenge and how long it may take to succeed. It's one of the things that the 1959 Les Paul and Brad Whitford have in common. Both the introduction of the '59 Les Paul and the early days of Aerosmith were challenges to say the least. However in both cases, time proved that commitment can outwait opinion and that talent and craft are undeniable. When Brad offered up his original 1959 Les Paul to join the elite company of Collector's Choice guitars, it resonated on many levels. Not the least of those was the fact that Brad's original Les Paul is an absolute tone-monster and a guitar of exceptional feel and authentic, road-worn patina.

Working side-by-side with Brad in Nashville, Gibson Custom's team of Craftspeople, Guitar Historians and Engineers have once again created a remarkably accurate run of replicas, this time Brad's original 1959 Les Paul, his favorite playing companion and a guitar you've no doubt heard at some point throughout his admirable career. From the recapturing of its individual neck profile, to the output of its original PAF pickups, down to the dents, dings and finish fade that made up its vintage fingerprint, we've captured what was once only available for Brad to experience and now make it available to a few more players and collectors worldwide.

Collector's Choice #26 is a run of no more than 300 replicas of Brad Whitford's original 1959 Les Paul #9-0653, affectionately dubbed "The Brad Whitford Burst" by the Gibson Custom team.


  • Body: 1 piece, Lightweight Mahogany

  • Top: 2-piece Hand Selected, Eastern Maple

  • Neck: 1 piece, Mahogany

  • Fingerboard: Whitford 'Burst, Aniline Dye Back and Sides

  • Tuners: Kluson Deluxe

  • Taipliece & Bridge: Nickel Plated, Lightweight Aluminum Stop Bar Tailpiece with ABR-1 Bridge

  • Neck Pickup: Custombucker

  • Bridge Pickup: Custombucker

  • Headstock: 59 Reissue Profile, Holly Head Veneer, Open "O" and Open "B" Gibson Logo

  • Knobs: Gold Top Hat

  • Extra: Leather bound tri-fold Certificate of Authenticity