Collectors Choice #24 Nicky

Gibson Custom Collectors Choice (#24) 1959 Les Paul 9-1945 aka 'Nicky'

Collector's Choice guitars from Gibson Custom povide an opportunity for more players around the world to experience the precise look, feel and tone of some of the rarest guitars in history. When we recreate a specific vintage Gibson through hands-on access to it afforded by the generous soul that owns it today, we are able to capture and reproduce its every characteristic in amazing detail: its neck shape, tone, dish carve and wear, to name just a few.

One of two of the first Collector's Choice guitars to be introduced with a fanatic attention to detail by way of Gibson Custom's most recent evolution, Collector's Choice #29 aka 'Nicky' is as true to the original as one can come without being Charles Daughtry, ”Nicky's" proud owner and the generous collector who worked with Gibson Custom side by side to recreate her to near perfection.

Beginning with the most accurate replica les Paul plastics in the world, re-tooled to original Gibson specs from the 50's and reformulated through laboratory analysis of originals to match colour and composition, Nicky's details are immense to a granular level: a hide glue top joins the body and top, a double carved hand-sanded top and neck recreate an accurate dish carve and neck profile, a hand filed rolled fingerboard binding provides a smooth vintage feel, a thinner peghead veneer made to the original 50's spec and a thinner, hand wet-sanded finish that adds hours of time and skill to every guitar, add up to a level al replication that borders on counterfeit.

"Nicky's" tone is both rich ond brilliant with exceptional balance via two Custom Bucker pickups based on analysis of the originals, generously provided to Gibson Custom by Charles. As with all Collector's Choice guitars by Gibson Custom, "Nicky's" details were photographed, digitally scanned and documented by the Engineers and Craftspeople of Gibson Custom, which shows in every nuance of tome, feel and beauty captured in the recreation of this absolutely stunning example of an original 1959 'Burst.

the original Nicky photographed by  owner Charlie Daughtry

#24  Nicky and #5 077 Donna