Collectors Choice #17 Louis

Capturing every sonic, visual, and tactile nuance of the world's most desirable guitar, Collector’s Choice™ #17 1959 Les Paul "Louis" re-creates a stunningly well-preserved Les Paul that was tucked away in a private collection for the past 30 years.

Keith Nelson of SoCal rock band Buckcherry selected this 'burst from six original '59 Les Pauls after rigorous playing, and has played it on Buckcherry's 2013 release Confessions and every live date since. Thanks to Keith's gracious cooperation, Gibson Custom has painstakingly analyzed every detail of the guitar's look, sound, and modest playing wear to bring you a perfect recreation. From the faded Dirty Lemon Burst finish to the incomparable '59 neck profile and hallowed PAF-driven burst tone, Collector's Choice™ #17 is the nearest you’ll come to making the most valuable electric guitar ever produced your very own.


Weight 8.9lbs Simple/Subtle Top

This Collectors Choice 17 Guitar features a top that is very understated and has very little flame to it. This gives the guitar a really nice simplicity that makes it stand out from others. Weight 8.9lbs (4.04kg)



Gibson's Collectors choice guitars are a collection of rare and exquisitely-crafted Les Paul guitars, made to the exact same specifications of some of the world's most coveted Gibson Les Pauls! Down to the very last detail, the Collector's Choice #17 tells its own rock 'n' roll story. This 1959 Les Paul reissue is a collector's gem.


Starting life in 1959, the Collector's Choice #17, also known as the "Louis" Les Paul, came from Keith Nelson's treasured collection. Having handpicked this Dirty Lemon Burst guitar from around half-a-dozen other 59s, Nelson immortalised it on BuckCherry's recent records, and kindly lent it to Gibson to reproduce the Collector's Choice 17 - a replica so exact that you won't be able to tell the difference between this and Nelson's original - now one of the world's most valuable electric guitars.

Featuring Burstbucker pickups, an authentic 50s neck profile, and incredible detail in part selection, aging process, and wood choice, the Collector's Choice #17 is every bit the guitar you expect it to be, in sound, feel and character.

Needless to say, we will only be able to get hold of single figures of the CC#17. Probably just one. So take advantage of Andertons' premium service including 0% finance if you require. Call us today to talk more about the very special Louis Collector's Choice 1959 LP.