Collectors Choice #14 Waddy Wachtel

The Collector’s Choice™ series from Gibson Custom brings to life specific vintage Les Pauls from the collections of noted ’Burst aficionados, with the kinds of painstaking details only possible thanks to the intimate hands-on access afforded by these guitars’ current owners. Right from the late 1960s, through his work with Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, Keith Richards, Stevie Nicks, James Taylor and the Rolling Stones, Waddy Wachtel became rock’s best-known sideman and session player—a household name amid a crowd usually not seen in the spotlight. It is with extreme pride and great pleasure, therefore, that we present Collector’s Choice™ #14 1960 Les Paul aka “Waddy Wachtel Burst”. Selected by Waddy in 1968 from Stephen Stills’s extensive collection, this prized guitar has been with him through countless hits and sold-out tours.

“When I picked it up and my hand went around the neck, it felt like time had stopped for the moment,” Waddy says of his first encounter with this special 1960 Les Paul. “I decided that this guitar I was holding was most definitely ‘The One.’ The sound of my 1960 Sunburst is incomparable.” In a run of no more than 300 guitars (with qualifying materials determining the final number), Gibson Custom is re-creating the “Waddy Wachtel ’Burst” in every glorious, revealing detail. From its thin and superbly comfortable 1960 neck profile to its entrancing soft Lemonburst finish, to its precisely recreated PAF humbuckers, to the added Bigsby™ vibrato, capturing every nuance of tone, feel, and hand-aged appearance. Collector’s Choice™ #14 gives you a chance to own a singular and legendary guitar that would ordinarily be far out of reach of the average player. Reserve yours now at your authorized Gibson Custom dealer, while examples of the “Waddy Wachtel ’Burst” are still available.


9.4lbs Fantastic Grain Contours

The Wide Grain contours on this guitar look stunning with a tight flame in places. Weight 9.4lbs (4.27kg)



The Gibson Collectors Choice are limited run guitars that look to deliver the most accurate replicas of some of the rarest guitars from Gibson's long history. This guitar is no different, the Gibson Collectors Choice #14 is an accurate replica of the 1960 Les Paul owned by rock guitar legend Waddy Wachtel who has appeared on countless records since the mid 60's. When Gibson create any of these Collectors Choice guitars they design it with the original in front of them so that it is as close as possible to the original.


Built out of a single piece of mahogany the body has been carved to perfectly match the body shape from the original and the maple top has been finished with a beautiful aged 'wachtelburst' design which has all of the original scratches and wear that really makes this guitar look like it has been around since 1960. The neck is made out of a single piece of mahogany and like the rest of the guitar has been worn to match the original so you feel like you are playing the original.

Loaded up with Custombucker pickups that emulate the pickup response of the original 1960's pickups this guitar is not just about the looks it sounds amazing as well. Other great features on this guitar include a bone nut, Schaller tuners, and a beautiful nickel plated Bigsby tremolo. There are only 300 of these guitars available worldwide so grab yourself a piece of history with this amazing Collectors Choice Les Paul.