Collectors Choice #11 Rosie

Collector's Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul "Rosie"

The latest in the series— Collector’s Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul “Rosie” —not only introduces the most pristine reproduction yet in the series, but also represents perhaps the best-preserved vintage Les Paul that the team at Gibson Custom has ever encountered.

While all Les Pauls made between 1958 and 1960 are exceedingly rare, finding one in such stunningly original condition in the hands of only its second owner is simply a breathtaking experience. In addition to her lineage, “Rosie” has obviously seen very little sunlight in her time, and fully retains her original and unfaded dark cherry finish like few other vintage Les Pauls. As her current owner, an anonymous collector, puts it: “She’s pristine—one of the only ’59s I’ve seen that has the prototypical dark cherry sunburst from the latter part of 1959, with very little fade. She also has that quintessential ’burst tone that I’ve looked for all my life.”

While some examples from earlier in 1959 have a more raspberry tinge and others a lighter cherry, “Rosie” represents the deeper, richer color that became the standard. She also has very little wear, with only minor checking and few, if any, noticeable dings.

Through intimate and painstaking study of the original guitar, with the full cooperation of her current owner, Gibson Custom has crafted Collector’s Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul “Rosie” as an uncompromising recreation of this incredible guitar. Among the distinct and individual details included are her neck shape, a late-’50s “soft V” that has been scanned and duplicated for an exact match; Rosie’s precise top carve, along with precise renditions of every critical angle and curve; and a pair of custom-wound Custom Bucker PAF reproductions designed, engineered, and built based on extensive testing of the originals, to capture that essential ’burst tone. It all comes together in a guitar that presents a rare and unmissable opportunity for the Les Paul collector, and will be produced only in a very limited run of up to 300 hand-aged and meticulously crafted instruments.

In addition to capturing the full aesthetic and sonic glory of this pristine Les Paul, “Rosie,” like all 2013 Gibson Custom reissues, also features Gibson Custom’s 20th Anniversary Historic Specifications, which bring the Custom Shop reproductions closer to the real thing than ever before. These specifications, introduced for 2013, include a single-layer rosewood fingerboard, hot hide glue neck joint, accurate fingerboard and body binding color, historically accurate truss rod assembly, and genuine aniline red dye for he guitar’s back, neck, and sides. Further period-correct details are found in the neck’s nylon 6/6 nut, holly headstock face with pearl Gibson logo, reissue Kluson™ Deluxe green-key single-band tuners, ABR-1 Tune-o-Matic bridge with lightweight aluminum stopbar tailpiece, reproduction Bumble Bee tone caps, and more. For player’s and collector’s seeking the look, feel, and tone of an exceptional original 1959 Les Paul Standard, these details help to make Collector’s Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul “Rosie” an unparalleled opportunity. Reserve yours now at your authorized Gibson Custom dealer.


Body and Neck

The body of Collector’s Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul “Rosie” is made from a single piece of solid, lightweight Grade-A mahogany topped with a lightly figured maple top hand selected to emulate the look of the original guitar. The neck is made from solid quarter-sawn mahogany and carved to the precise ’59 “soft V” profile taken from close measurement of Rosie herself, topped with a one-piece dark rosewood fingerboard with aged cellulose parallelogram inlays.

Pickups and Electronics

The original PAF humbucking pickups are an important part of the “burst tone” in any original late-’50s Les Paul, and to make those loaded into Collector’s Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul “Rosie” as authentic as possible, Gibson Custom carefully studied and measured every intricate spec of the originals, to replicate them as a pair of Custom Buckers. Made with Alnico III magnets, with coils scatter-wound to accurate specs and left unpotted, these are as close as you’ll come to the real thing. They are routed through the traditional control knob complement and three-way switch, with “bumble bee” tone capacitors.


Period-correct hardware graces the Collector’s Choice™ #11 1959 Les Paul “Rosie”, including reissue Kluson™ Deluxe “green-key” tuners, an ABR-1 Tune-o-matic bridge, and lightweight aluminum stopbar tailpiece, all nickel plated. The binding is all the accurate vintage color, as are the pickup rings and pickguard, and the guitar carries a traditional black/white “bell” truss-rod cover.

Cases & Coverage

Each guitar will include a silkscreened brown Custom Shop hardshell case, a Custom Shop Collector’s Choice #11 leather-bound trifold Certificate of Authenticity, and Gibson Custom’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and 24/7/365 Customer Service. let your users know a little more about you.