Collectors Choice #38 Chicken Shack

 I put together the  Stan Webb article for Burst Believers 3 (page 33) and introduced  Stan to Drew Berlin who had owned and sold  0-0205.  Drew arranged with the current owner/Gibson/ Stan to have a first  run of  33 superior Collectors Choice all with the reverse chevron top which was spectacular on the original.
It is worth noting Drew signed off the first 31 tops -  the last s/n i have found is #38 044

Message from Cliff Evans

I sold the 'Stan Webb' burst in 1980 to Norbert 'Nono' Krief who played guitar with the French rock band 'Trust'

for more info read the dedicated page to 0 0205 in Burst Believers IV


The earliest 1960 Les Pauls were essentially 1959 Bursts, featuring the same beefy neck profile, thin sunburst finish and, in the case of the rarest of them like the 'Chicken Shack 'Burst', a highly figured maple top. Collector's Choice #38 is a striking replica of original serial #0 0205, a well-known vintage Burst among those early 1960 Les Pauls built to 1959 specs. Drew Berlin, one of its proud owners, refers to these as 'double 0s' and has worked extensively with Gibson Custom to help recreate one of the most visually and sonically amazing guitars in the Collector's Choice range. The guitar was owned and played by Stan Webb, who founded the band Chicken Shack in 1965 and played this Burst live through the 1980s, before it was sold to Vic DaPra in the early '90s and shipped to America. Its eye-popping flame maple top and powerful bluesy tone caught the attention of players, collectors and publishers alike. It's been featured in The Beauty of the Burst, Sunburst Alley and, most recently, Burst Believers III. It's now offered in a very limited run that will be determined by the availability of qualifying (and very intense) flamed maple required to create it.
CC38 026 presented to Stan Webb
#38 027
#38 023
#38 004
#38 008
#38 009
#38 010
#38 010
#38 030