Collectors Choice #36 Goldfinger


I'm really excited about this. It's been hard keeping my mouth shut for so long! Gibson just announced to their dealers the introduction of "Goldfinger" a/k/a Collector's Choice # 36. This will be the lowest priced CC model yet. I worked with Gibson to make sure this guitar turned out awesome at the lowest possible price point. Both Gibson and I really wanted to make available to the public a CC model at a great price point and I think they've really succeeded. This guitar is incredible. The Prototype (which I'll post pics of later next to the real thing) is off the charts great.
 I'm super excited!

Yes...this guitar seemed like the perfect candidate for it. The original, being a 57, has the earlier font on the R/T ring. Thus, the standard spec plastic is actually closer to the original than is the TH plastic. Also, the rest of the Standard plastic matches up quite nicely with the original plastic on the original Goldfinger.
 Also, the binding is rolled perfectly, and the neck is a dead on ringer for the original, so using Standard specs instead of TH, allowed Gibson to give a lot of band for the CC buck


Charlie Daughtry on the LPF