Collectors Choice #35 Gruhan Burst

In 1984, when Vic DaPra set out to acquire an original ’59 Les Paul (ser# 9 0627), he didn’t have the luxury of the internet. “I had to wait for Polaroid pictures to come through the mail. It felt like forever.” Vic’s patience was rewarded when the mail arrived and in it he found pictures of “the flamiest ‘burst I’d ever seen.” Which is exactly what Dino Bradley had told him to expect when the Gruhn Guitars Salesman and Hank Williams Junior sideman called to tell Vic that an unbelievable ‘Burst had just walked in the door, carried by it’s original owner and offered up for sale.Rarely does an original late 50’s Gibson Les Paul make it to us with such clean lineage. The days of “closet” finds are quickly becoming the folklore of days long gone. Unearthing one of the very few two owner (the original owner, then Vic) 1959 ‘Bursts with so much character in its top; from the billowy, unending, multi-dimensional flame to the soft, mellowed hue of its now caramel colored burst, is incredible