Vic asked me about 18 months ago if i had any material for the proposed book - The adventure took me about the UK  and the US searching and asking favours. Hundreds of emails and the help of so many people finally paid off with finding new guitars to share through the book.   As it  finally starts  to appear perhaps this is a good place to put some of the material which didnt make the book but is worthy of showing. As an ongoing page please keep looking in for new stuff
This photo taken at Bernie's with Mick Grabham only happend with the help of numerous friends who put me in touch with the owner of 9-1895, Tom Wilson.   It was quite an experience seeing Mick  reunited with his old work horse and both him and Bernie cranking up through and old Vox amp.  These days Mick is the go to man for building amps - if old Marshall and Fender and Vox amps are your thing and you dont want the problems associtated with mainting old ones - talk to Mick. Amps are hand built using the best components.
9-1895 getting some sunshine
9-1895 looking good
I love this pic of Eric Ernest's  'Memphis Mojo'
0-2163 looking lovely
0-7828 Dante
The Bishop
9-0433 looking good,   thanks to John
Kossoff burst
major contributor to BB III -  Charlie Daughtry
thanks to Drew Berlin who owned this
this one did not make the book
nice shot from Mario
Vic DaPra
JJ Blair
Mike Slubowski
David Yaffee
The Bishop
Robert Kantor
Tray Rabinek
Simon Wales
Small Heading
Mario Nunziato
Tom Allen
Frank DeGennaro
Dave Misley
Joseph Dailey
Lloyd Gala
Gary Dick shows  8-5512
Arlington 2015
Small Heading
Small Heading
3 bursts from Drew Berlin