Bernie Marsden owner of 9 1914 'The Beast' will be
part of BB III and has  given a great interview about the history of the  guitar  and some burst anecdotes
Cann't  give away the pics for the book but here are some of the highlites of the meeting plus  Mick Grabham reconnecting with his old Procol Harum burst. 9 1895
Click the images to go to the VGM site and  view the digital version
Tom Wilson owner of the Grabham burst -  Bernie, Tom and Mick, 2 of me and a couple of the Beast
Bernie Marsden has weaved a career through blues and rock while playing with some of the most-respected names in the business – from Micky Moody in the original Whitesnake to stints with UFO and Paice Ashton Lord to making solo albums with help from Jack Bruce, Ian Paice, Jon Lord, and others. More recently, he shared stages with the Allman Brothers and Joe Bonamassa. Here's Marsden’s ’59 Les Paul Standard, known far and wide as The Beast and used on sessions with Ringo Starr, Cozy Powell, Whitesnake, and at Abbey Road with Jack Bruce in 2013. Read our feature interview and check out some of Marsden’s other great guitars in THE FREE Online Browser Edition NOW! — with Bernie Marsden, Jimi Hendrix and Gibson. Heading