Mark Knopfler  '58
Gibson Custom announces the release of the limited edition Mark Knopfler 1958 Les Paul guitar, a precise replica of Knopfler’s beloved ’58 that accompanied him on stage and in the studio since the 1990s. Created in close collaboration with the esteemed singer, songwriter and Dire Straits front man, the limited release will include 300 models, 50 of which are delicately hand-aged by Gibson Custom and signed by Knopfler himself.
The Gibson Custom Mark Knopfler 1958 Les Paul features a classic Les Paul Standard headstock with ‘broken’ edges, custom bucker pickups and a one-piece Indian rosewood fingerboard with hand-rolled binding. True to his original, the custom release also features a Knopfler ‘burst nitro-cellulose finish.
Available in a limited release, the model will be available in both true historic and standard historic editions. The true historic model, created at replica-level, will include a limited run of 50 guitars that are skillfully aged by Gibson Custom and signed by Knopfler himself. The standard historic models will include 100 aged guitars in the limited release, as well as 150 vintage gloss guitars. Issued with great detail to the original, all models will also include a certificate of authenticity.

As with the #5 Donna issue I will add as many of the 50 aged and signed  I can find -  starting with   02, 05, 10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 21, 23, 25, 27- Japan no pic, 36, 38, 39, 40, 43, 48
#11  Fried Ocra /
#2   Walman / Dave Rogers
It has the same profile as a 1959 True Historic but with ever so slightly less shoulders
#025 in Japan
#10 signed and aged
#10  signed and aged
#20 to France
#21 - to Toronto
#10 showing  Mark's home made wire saddle protector
#36 TruBrit
#39 thanks to Woffy for this one
#16  Ishibashi Japan
#48 ? Coda UK
#43 Michael G
#23 Ricardo Navarro