Ace Frehley Signature 2015

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9.3lb Ace Frehley Les Paul

Reliced to copy the original ace frehley classic les paul



Ace Frehley is a huge lover of Gibson Les Pauls. One of his favorites was his old original '59 model that sadly has been lost to the world. Ace has such fond memories of this guitar that he can still describe every detail about its feel, tone and look. So Gibson took his descriptions and photos from when it was owned by the rock guitar legend and made this Ace Frehley approved reissue that gets as close to the guitar as possible in its last know condition.


This is a special edition version of the guitar that has been hand aged to the exact specs of what ace likes and has been personally signed and numbered by the man himself.

Stunning Construction

If you are rebuilding a '59 you can't cheap out on any part of the guitar, especially if you want it to be approved by Ace. That is why Gibson have used a genuine 1 piece mahogany body and neck to build the base of this guitar. Topped with some beautiful flamed maple that gets as close to the original as possible as well as a single piece of Indian rosewood for the fretboard these are period correct materials.

2015 True Vintage Spec

This is one of the first guitars that is getting the 2015 True Vintage spec upgrade. This includes brand new plastics that are more closely designed off of the original 50's spec to give you the most accurate 50's feel yet. It is not just the shape that has changed though, they are also using artificially aged materials and new manufacturing operations that match what they would have done 60+ years ago.

The other part of the true vintage spec comes in the double carved and hand sanded finish on the neck and body. They have modified the top carve for 2015 which again closely matches what would have come out of the factory in '59 along with the neck carve for a stunning feel that you have to feel to believe.

Custombucker Pickups

The pickups in this guitar have been custom voiced to not only suit his sound now but also to perfectly match the sound he had with his old '59. They analyzed countless recordings of the original guitar and used what Ace could remember about the guitar to get it as close as humanly possible without having the guitar in front of them. The warm resonant tones of the neck pickup as well as the bell like tonality of the bridge pickup have all been captured to create these hot little wonders that have been handwound for that more handmade feel.

Signed and Played by Ace

If having a guitar like this wasn't quite exclusive enough this particular version is part of a run of 50 that have been played by Ace himself. This also comes with a metal engraved certificate of authenticity that has been signed by Ace Frehley. All of these guitars have been hand aged to match the last known condition of the guitar before it was sadly lost.


  • Body: Genuine 1 Piece Mahogany with Unique Figured Maple Top and True Historic Carved Dish

  • Neck: Genuine 1 Piece Mahogany with Maple Spline

  • Fretboard: 1 Piece Indian Rosewood

  • Inlay: Aged Cellulose Trapezoid

  • Nut: Nylon

  • Finish: Frehley Burst

  • Tuners: Grover Kidney

  • Bridge: ABR with Thumbwheels

  • Tailpiece: Lightweight Aluminium

  • Neck Pickup: Custom-Bucker Alnico 3

  • Bridge Pickup: Custom-Bucker Alnico 3

  • Headstock: True History Holly Head Veneer with Pearl Gibson Inlay

  • Hardware: Nickel

  • Plastics: True Historic

  • Knobs: True Historic Gold Top Hats

AF #2 thanks to Walman

#039   ex Bursthunter f/b  


Its Finally here - the moment we have all been waiting for!

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Gibson Custom Shop Ace Frehley '59 Les Paul Standard Aged & SIgned - Only 50 beign MADE! CSAF59SFBNH -  $18949 PRE ORDER NOW!

Gibson Custom Shop Ace Frehley '59 Les Paul Standard Only 250 being MADE! CSAF59VFBNH - $12599 PRE ORDER NOW!

"Ace Frehley ’59 ‘Burst - CSAF59SFBNH& CSAF59SFBNH

To feel an original 1959 Les Paul ‘Burst in your hands is an experience beyond description for most true players, but to know the pain of having, then losing, one of the most cherished guitars of your lifetime, is a story few have words to describe. Luckily for fans of the ’59 Les Paul and Ace Frehley, one such story left a strong enough impression that Ace is able to recall many of the details of his original, lost ’59. Based on those recollections, exhaustive research, and with Ace’s final approval, Gibson Custom has collaborated with one of Rock’s most accomplished players to bring a limited number of others the chance to feel and hear his beloved ’59 as he recalls it. Gibson Custom and Ace Frehley are proud to present the Ace Frehley are proud to present the Ace Frehley ’59, the first Artist ’59 handcrafted to the obsessive level of detail of True Historic Specifications.

Based on Ace’s recollections and recordings of the original, the Limited Edition Ace Frehley ’59 by Gibson Custom is ready to be grasped, squeezed and forced to squeal at whim, as it was in the hands of the legendary Kiss guitarist. An absolute specimen to behold with a beautiful “dancing” figure in her top, a distinct “dirty lemon” fade, Ace’s choice of hand-aged wear patterns (Aged version Only), and a tonal spectrum that ranges from throaty and bold to crisp and bell like with no more than a subtle knob turn and delicate change of aggression by the player. The Ace Frehley ’59 ‘Burst by Gibson Custom comes together as if it were a wish list as much as a guitar.

All of this makes it only fitting that it’s the first Artist ’59 feature Gibson Custom’s fanatical attention to detail when it comes to reproducing an original ’59 Les Paul. Beginning with precisely accurate replica plastics that have been re-tooled to original Gibson specs from the 50’s and reformulated through laboratory analysis of originals to match color and composition, a double carved, hand-sanded top to achieve an accurate vintage dish carve, a double carved and hand sanded neck to capture an original’s neck profile, a hide glued top, hand filed rolled fingerboard binding for a silky, vintage playing feel, a thinner peghead veneer as found on original 50’s Les Pauls and a thinner, hand wet-sanded finish that only Gibson Custom crafting can deliver. To match the tone that Ace recalls so vividly, two custom wound Custom Bucker pickups round off the guitar’s most intricate feature.

The Ace Frehley ’50 Burst is offered in a limited run of 50 hand aged by Tom Murphy and signed and played by Ace Frehley plus 250 in Gibson Custom’s new Vintage Finish. In both versions, the ability to source qualifying maple top material will dictate both the final number produced and the time it takes to produce them.

50 Hand Aged, Signed and Played” Metal Engraved Ave Frehley Signed Certificate of Authenticity in a Leather Tri-Fold Binder, Gibson Custom Reissue Hardshell Case and 2015 Gibson Custom Die Cast Medallion Rhythm/Treble Switch Access Cover (extra Black Plastic cover included in the case).

250 Vintage Finish: Ace Frehley ’59 Certificate of Authenticity In a Tri-Fold Binder, Gibson Custom Reissue Hardshell Case and 2015 Gibson Custom Die Cast Medallion Rhythm,Treble Switch Access Cover (extra Black Plastic cover included in the case).

  • Unique Figured Maple Top w/True Historic Carved Dish and Genuine 1 Piece Mahogany Back

  • 1 Piece Genuine Mahogany Neck with Maple Spline

  • 1 Piece Indian Rosewood

  • Aged Cellulose Trapezoid Inlay

  • Nylon Nut

  • Frehley Burst Finish

  • Reissue Deluxe Kluson Tuners

  • ABR Bridge with Thumbwheels

  • Lightweight Aluminum Tailpiece

  • Custom Bucker Alnico-3 Pickups

  • True Historic Holly Head Veneer with Pearl Gibson Inlay

  • Nickel Hardware

  • True Historic Plastics

  • True Historic Gold Top Hat Knobs

  • Metal, Engraved Certificate of Authenticity

  • 50 Murphy Aged and Signed

  • 250 Vintage Finish"