9-xxxx   Kossof              Arthur Ramm                    BB2 p.171   Bst p36                    On loan to Roxy Music

                                                                                could be a late 1958                   my vistit to Arthur Ramm 2014

                                                                                BB3 .p24/25                               my write up for BB3

                                                                                BB4 p.243


9-0012 (1993)                Chinery collection            ChCo p.87                                   I have added the historic collection for info-


9-0136                            ex J. McEnroe                 GA vol 1 No.4                              1 of 4 lefties - Auction by H.A. Auctions 2012

                                                                               TB p.101/2                                   on display 2012 Arlington G.S      1 of 4 lefties

                                                                                                                                    see 0-1475   0-1504    0-1182( Paul McCartney)

                                                                                                                                   Clive Brown close  inspection at Arlington GS 2012


9-0225                                                                    facebook                                     Goldtop  -thanks to Kris Blakely                              

9-0227                                                                    BB2 p.101                                  in Canada



9-0269                                                                    LPL p.227

9-0271                                                                    SA p.19


9-0279                           LBC                                  author                                          Phil Harris playing

9-0280                                                                    BOTB p.32


9-0285   Aqualung        Armand Serra                   AS book                                         ex Martin Barre

9-0288                                                                    BB2 p22   BB2 p.91

9-0289   Thunder           Kevin Ryan                      BB3 .62

9-0291   Gabby              Vic DaPra                        BB p.78 99 108 - BB2 p.8           Gibson appraisal burst for 2014 Collectors Choice 

                                                                               Burst Hunter  -Face Book

                                                                               BB2 p.167     BB3 p.104/219   BB4 p.43


9-0296                                                                    BOTB p.34  Bst p.65  BB3 p.159

                                                                               BB4 p.36

9-0297                                                                    GibB p.19  Bst p.22

9-0299                                                                    BOTB p.120  Gibson LP Japan/Paul Dokuhon


9-0306                                                                    BB p.48  SA p.27                        double whites

9-0307                                                                    BSL 2015  BB3 p.99                   in Canada      

9-0310                                                                    BB p.121


9-0313                                                                    BG2 p.38

9-0314   Riot                   Uncle Lou                       BB2 p.154/5-LPF                          ex Mark Reale

9-0318                                                                    LPJ p.28

9-0324                                                                    LPJ p.30

9-0326                            LBC                                 author                                           part of a large burst collection

9-0327                            RJV guitars                     facebook                                       Refinished by Florian Jäger, Bavarian Makeover




9-0337                                                                     BB2 p.74/75                                ex Drew Berlin now in France


9-0341                                                                    BB p.117  BOTB p.36

                                                                               GibB p.20  SA p.17/42

                                                                               Bst p.23/63



0-0347                                                                    Tom Wilson LPJ p.32                   for sale Guitrs R Us $30k mid 90's  - see news

9-0348                                                                    BB p.125


9-0351                                                                    BB p.77

9-0352                                                                    BB4  .p.93

9-0355                                                                                                                         featured on front cover of Vintage Gallery Mag.


9-0357   Nielsen                                                     TB p.95 103                                 featured on f/b offered to Billy Gibbons for $10k and he

                                                                                                                                    turned it down - pic also show Paul McCartney's lefty

                                                                                                                                    and  Ed Kings burst

9-0360                        Ted Nugent                           BB3 p.124/5

9-0363                                                                     BB3 p.102    BB4 p.200


9-0367                                                                    GibB p.20  Bst p.23

9-0368                                                                    GibB p.20  Bst p.23

9 0369                          Joe Walsh                          BB4  p106/7



9-0374                          Rick Hirsch                       BB4  p.187


9-0378  Buddy             Joe Bonamassa                 BB4  p.142

9-0381                                                                    BB2 p.33                                      recently for sale "under the bed"

9-0382                                                                    BOTB p.38 SA p.50

9-0385                                                                    LPJ p.129                                     Kiya Gallery Cpllection

9-0388                                                                                                                         for sale Ebay Dec 2013 restored with

                                                                                                                                    70's neck, non orig pafs

9-0393                            Clive Kay                         BB4 p.176                                     ex Gary Winterfood $35k,  mike bowen & tom W


9-0404                                                                    BB p.32 40  BB4 p.57

9-0405                           MS                                    BB4  p.60/1 232

9-0418   Birthday Burst    Talonmn                         LPF   BB3 p.44                            bought on what would have been Les's 100th                             


9-0421                                                                    LPF  LPJ p.34                              see article on the forum

9-0422                                                                                                                         2019 for sale Elderlies  $225k

9-0423   Buddy burst                                              f/b  burst hunter                            ex Eric Johnson

9-0424                                                                    LPF                                              TW thread  Dec 2018

9-0425                            Mike Cambell                  BB4   p.58/9

9-0426                                                                    Gibson LP Japan/Paul Dokuhon

9-0427   Daddy Reed     Joe Bonamassa               facebook/lpf/                               Joe is second owner -ex Martha  bought

                                                                                                                                   1959 Plainview NJ.  pristine condition

9-0428   Christine           Thomas Nolde                 Burst Hunter F/B                          owned by TN for 33 years video on f/b

9-0430                                                                     LPJ p.136   BB3 p.111  


9-0433                            private JS                         authors  BB3.30                           N.E. England    see news section


9-0437                                                                   BB4


9-0494   Rosana            Steve  Luthaker               BB p.2   TB p.77

                                                                               BB2 p.135                                    bought in 1979 used for Toto sessions 


9-0533    Mops                Billy Squier                      BB p36  BB4  p135                      ex Larry Briggs

9-0535                                                                    BB3 p.41   BB4 P.159  


9-0537                                                                    BB p.65  BB2 p.118

9-0583                                                                    BOTB p.122

9-0584                                                                    LPJ p.36  SA p78

9-0591                          ESP museum                   LPJ p.38  BB4 p.183


9-0592     Robert Johnston                                           BB p52   BB2 p.46/57                    ex Tom Wittrock - double white

                                                                               BOTB p40   SA p.47/78                 1990 DVD

                                                                               Bst 24 BB3 p.117  BB3 p.232/3

                                                                              BB4 p.248


9-0593                            vic DaPra                        BB p.24  GibB p.21  SA  p.15/38/42

                                                                               GibB p.21  GCY p132                    Double whites

                                                                               BOTB p40  Bst p.24

9-0594     Verlyn                                                     LPF   BB3 p.162/3                          see stories


9-0595    Anja                                                                                                               BurstHunter/facebook

9-0596                          Mike Slubowski                  f/b   BB3  p.45/188                       on a visit to  Vic DaPra (2016)

                                                                                BB4 p.36/7


9-0597                           John Clardy                      BB p.100 BOTB p.44

                                                                                LPL p.224

                                                                               BB2 p.122

9-0598                            Bryan Ray                       BB p.17   TB p.101                       member of Paul McCartney band