9-2xx6                            Mark Knofler                     Tom Wilson                                   see news section

9-2003                                                                      BG2 p.31

9-2010   Noel                                                            f/b Steve Segal

             (Xmas burst)

9-2011                          Detlef Alder                         BB p.48  BOTB p.114

                                                                                BB3 p.2  BB3. 74-75

                                                                                BB4 p.255


9-2012                            Tom Wittrock                     BB p.69   LPF  BB2 p.178            honey amber burst


9-2014                                                                      BB2 p.97

9-2015                                                                      SA p.47

9-2019                                                                      BB2 p.36

9-2020                                                                      BB p.32  Sa p.12

9-2023                            Scott Bradoka                   BB  p.79  BB p.80-84                    neck-zebra and double white

9-2024                                                                      BB2 p.14  BB2 p.29

9-2033                                                                      BB p.24                                         double white

9-2035                            Brian Fischer                     BB p.5  BB2 p.111                         very dark brown  exquisite condition

                                                                                 BB4 p.70

9-2036                    Drew Berlin (consignment)       BB p.108  BB3.p73                        + Bigsby  ex Vic DaPra at Arllington 2015

9-2037                                                                     Bst p.72


9-2044                      Kenneth Fors                         Bst p.72  BB4 p.162

9-2072    Happy Jack                                              BB p.48   TB cover                        Jacket pic for Tony Bacon 'Sunburst' book

                                                                                BB4 p.165

9-2070                        Gruhn guitars                       BB4 p. 2                                       

                                                                                BB2 p.165  BB3 p.102/4/6                  intense flame

9-2072                                                                     BB4 p.165

9-2074   The African      Ron Proler                        LPF   BB2 p.56  BB3 p.137

                                                                                BB4 p.162


9-2077                            Guitar Trader/Vic Dapra        BB p.76  BB2 p.173                        signs of  removed tailpiece

9-2091                                                                     BB p.91

9-2101                                                                     f/b


9-2146                           Lee  Ritenour                   SA p.51

9-2148                                                                    Bst p.72  BB3 p.192

9-2171                                                                    Tom Wilson                                      Guitar Express $45k (1990) see news

9-2173                            Keith Richards                 Tom Wilson/Cosmo                          see news section


9-2176                                                                    BB4 p223

9-2177                           Dennis van der Lugt          f/b    BB3 p.103                                              

9-2178                                                                    BB p.32

9-2179   Kramer            Marc DiLorenzo                BB2 p.30 Tom Wilson                      Johhny Depp choice  see news section

              Watermellon burst

                                                                               BB4 p.76/7/8                                    for sale Guitar Exchange mid 90's  $45k                                  

9-2180  Lorelei               Harry Cody                      BB .p.8   LPF  SA p.33                    neck - zebra, double white

                                                                               BB4 p.96/7  Bst p.74 BG2  p.14/95

9-2181   Dorris                Joe Grassmann              F/b   BB3 p.229   BB4 p.24                see a pic of a clean clean '59

9 2182                                                                ( SEE 9 3182 FOR DETAILS)


9-2185   Bayou Burst     Dereck Trucks                 BB p.24  69

              Angel               Charlie Daughtry              BB2 p.113                                        see the LPF for pics

              Swamp Burst                                           BB3.p72

9-2188                                                                    LPJ p.82

9-2192                                                                    the vintage guitar cat.                   the Vintage Guitar ca. (Japanese)   picked this 

                                                                                                                                     up at Arlington 2017  - shown as 9-2102 in mistake




9-2198                               Mac Yasuda                 LPJ p.84  BB4 p.183

9-2203                                                                    LPJ p.131                                       Kiya Galleries Collection

9-2204                                                                    BOTB p.116  GibB p.25                 double whites

9-2205                                                                    SA p.70  Bst p.74                           ex Kosta Kovachev


9-2208   Greeny              Peter Green  Gary Mooore   BB p.78 126   DH p.72                   Phil Harris interview

               the Holy Grail   Maverick  Abalone          TB p.40  42 43 137                         NGS Haydock                  

                                        Kirk Hammett                  BB2 p.83-85

                                                                                BB4 p.82                                         Sound check 


9-2212   Freeda              Fretted A                          BB p.23  TB p.99                          for sale 2019

9-2213                                                                                                                          shown on BurstHunters,facebook Frank Diemel

                                                                                                                                      as 9-2219, a mistake, thanks to Jo for this info



9-2216                             Jeff Alpers                        BB3 p.69


9-2218   Gladys              Joe Ganzier                      BB p.15  LPF  TB p.91 BB4 p.155

9-2220                                                                      BG2 p.77

9-2222                            ex Gary Winterflood          G/Av                                              + Bigsby


9-2225                                                                     BOTB p.129

9-2227   Stripe                ex Gary Moore                 F/B Burst Hunters  GibB p.25        sold by Phil Harris  Gary Moore 

                                                                                SA p.76 Bst p.28

                                                                                BB3 p.192

9-2229   Son of a Preacher   Joe Bonamassa               BOTB p.118                                   joe video

9-2311                                                                     LPJ p.86

9-2312   Gertrude                                                    LPF                                              tobaccoo sunburst - Billy Gibbons mont.  pic

9-2314   Faye                  Charlie Daughtry             BB p.53  BOTB p.130  LPF           double white

                                                                                BB2 p.72   Bst p.77                        pic by Mike Hickey and recept for $2500 (1980)


9-2317                             Dave Paetow                   LPF                                                very old refin Bigsby removed, zebra PAF's

                                                                                                                                       headstock repair

9-2318                                                                                                                           " Friend I write you from Colombia to tell you that   in  

                                                                                                                                     9- 2318 the gibson lespaul, we have

                                                                                                                                      in  Colombia, was a gift from a Peruvian collector,  

                                                                                                                                     thank God it is in perfect condition lasted almost   

                                                                                                                                      20  years saved!

9-2319    Cindy                 Uncle Lou                      BB2 p.52/3  BB3 p.78                  stunning photographs in BB    d/white zebras

                                                                                BB3 p121  BB4 p.237                   marked with a 2  a Gibson second!

9-2322    Funk'59              Armand Serra                AS book p.154/5

9-2324    Hazel                                                        BOTB p.131  SA p.64 Bst p.75

9-2328                                                                     BB4

9-2338                              James Hetfield               BB3 p.26/27

9-2340                              Bernard Ayling               BB2 160/1   LPL p.220                   possibly Charlie's best pic - double spread

                                                                                BB3 p.218

9-2342                                                                     BOTB p.132  Bst p.77

9-2498                                                                     SA p.28

9-2792                              Yoshio Nomura              his own book                                 was a Bigsby now a European wavy tailpiece

9-2794                                                                     LPL p.230

9-2982     The Duke                                                  MLP

9-3012                                                                    SA p.21/43 Bst p.75

9-3017                            Chinery collection            p.84


9-3182     Keef                  ex Keith Richards           BB p.70    TB p.13 14                                 

                                                                               LPL p.236                                      

                                                                                                          BB2 p.123  LPF   

                                                                                                                                                                                   the original serial Number of the Keith Richards Burst  is: 9 2182(Cosmo owned)  he broke the Neck -  the correct number was definitely 9 2182 then and when I sold it to Bernie Marsden. Bernie sold it on and bought the Beast, then the Burst’s new owner  gave it to Night Guitars for repair, Gordon mistakenly replaced the number with 9 318    refer LPF


9-3196                            Larry DiMarzio                                                                        You tube vid