9-1171   Pearly Gates    Billy Gibbons                   BB p.94-5 s/n not qtd                 Billy Gibbons mont. pci            

                                                                               BOTB p.82  GA p237

                                                                               TB p.49 50 to 53 134  DH p.58

                                                                               BB2 p.147 LPL p.216                 Pat Foley pic  in BB2 along with BG's 11 bursts

                                                                               SA p.76  BB4 p.121 163


9-1175                                                                    BB2 p.33 LPJ p.131

                                                                               SA p.10     Bst p.39                     Kosta's  D/whites


9-1176                                                                    BB2 p.26    SA p.31

                                                                               BB4 p.202                                     double whites

9-1181                          Steve Bates                       BB4 p.218/9

9-1203                                                                    LPJ p.60  SA p.65  Bst p.40

9-1217                            ex keith Richards            BB2 p.186  


9-1224    Jupiter                                                     MLP

9-1225                            Paul Stanlye                   BB2 p134                                     refin 1970's now with correct faded burst

9-1228    Sandy

               Sandler Burst                                           BB p.31 83 130    BB3 p.110      Tom Wittrock   Richmond Texas

                                                                                BOTB p.84  LPF                       Joe Bonamassa Des Moines   

                                                                       TB p.116 119 124 137               Tom shows Dave Taylor a close up of 'Sandy

                                                                        BB2 p.141 MY p.8                 

                                                                       SA p.8/38   Bst p.40                 Tom Wittrock Richmond Texas 2

                                                                       BB4 p.245



9-1234                                                                    BOTB p.125

9-1237   Dickey                                                     LPJ p.62   BB3 p.213                    refined 'the jessica burst'

9-1238   Lazy sunday afternoon                             BB p.9    BB2 p.138  BB3 p.184

                                                                               BB4  p.162

9-1242                                                                    BB p.105  BB2 p.149

9-1244                            Jims Guitars                    LPL p.234                                    for sale $325k  2015    3D quilt



9-1253                                                                    BB3 p122    LPJ p.64   SA p.35

9-1255  Stanley               Paul Stanley                   BB4 p.91                                        ex Ted Turner - refin

9-1256                                                                    BSL   BB3 p.226                            for sale GuitarPoint

9-1259                             LBC                               author, facebook  LPJ p.66             for sale   Amsterdam 2015  now in UK


9-1352   Spoonful           Sebastian,                       TB p.21 116 138


9-1378                                                                    BB p.82   BB2 p.176

9-1391  McDonald          Gary Dick                        BB4        p.229

9-1405                                                                    F/b                            

9-1427                           Joe Menza                       BB p.100  BB4 p.95


9-1429   Eilleen              Dan G                               BB4 p.47

9-1541                                                                    LPG (landminelenny)                  for sale  GC  Holywood CA  $350k non orig PAF's

                                                                                                                                   please read the LPF about this one - lots to learn

9-1598(custom)                ESP                                                                                   Les Paul custom black

9-1652    STP                                                         author   BB3 p.182/3                   stolen from Mick Taylor early  80's. used on Stones

                                                                                                                                   STP tour


9-1683                                                                     Bst p.40

9-1688   Spot                  Ron Proler/                      BB p.4 33 BOTB p.86                 double whites - Billy Gibbons mont. pic

                                       Joe Bonamassa               LPF  TB p.93 94 121

                                       Matt Lucas                        BB2 p.150  SA p.19                    Timm Kummer narration  $4500 to R. Proler

                                                                                BB4 p.190/252


9-1703   Number 2          Jimmy Page                    MLP  TB p.61 62                         ex Joe Walsh features 2 spring loaded buttons

                                                                                63  135   BB2 p.166                    underneath s/plate 1. serial/parallel   2. phase

                                                                                BB4 p.164                                   vol/tone controls push pull for for coil taps

9-1713   Flying V        for reference                                                                            ESP museum

9-1727                                                                     BB2. p64    BB3 p.200                a fictional s/n refin neck

9-1785   Stinger Burst    Glen Kuykendall               LPF


9-1838                                                                     BB p.79  Sa p.33 Bst p.41

                                                                                BB3 p.123

9-1839                                                                     Bst p.41  BG2 p.15/95

9-1840                            Joe Walsh                        BB4 p.108

9-1842   Felder Burst                                              TB p.69 133   DHp.141

9-1843                                                                     BB p.70  BB2 p.181                       Bigsby


9-1850                            Tom Kiefer                       BB p.117   Bst p.42

9-1852                                                                    BB p.31

9-1854   Ouch                 Vic DaPra                       BOTB p.88  BB p.77  BB2 p.57   removed Bigsby

                                                                               BB2 p.26 & 152/3  SA p.7

                                                                               Bst p.42  BB3 p.104  BB3 p.123

                                                                               BB4 p.92

9-1856                             Tom Wilson                    authors   BB3.p.126/7                 youtube with 7 3731


9-1860                             John Coleman               Tom Wilson                                 see news section

9-1862                                                                    LPJ p.137

9-1864                             Jeff Beck                        BB p.72 93    BB2 p.45               ex Nielsen,  Billy Gibbons montage pic

                                                                               BOTB p.90   Bst p.42                  D/whites

                                                                               TB p.44 45  SA p.53


9-1868   Cooper               Tom Wittrock                 BB p.10                                       TW Poster and 1990 DVD   +Bigsby

                                                                               BOTB p.126  BB2 p.122

                                                                               SA p.41/54

9 1866                             Gary Wright


9-1869                                                                    BB p.81 BB4 p.70

9-1870   Marilyn                                                      BB p.51 MLP  LPF                      pics by tom wittrock

                                                                               SA p.26  Bst p.42

9-1872                                                                    SA p.77   Bst p.42

9-1873                                                                    BB p.86    BB2 p.23  LPJ p.68     TW 1990 DVD   2 x double whites

                                                                                SA p.12   Bst p.42 BG2 p.34


9-1876   Stanley Burst                                            BOTB p.92  LPL p.228/246          cover of BOTB

              Dingus                                                       BB3 p.128

9-1878   Frehley Burst    ex Ace Freheley              BB p.65   BB2 p.142                     Youtube vid

                                                                               MY p.16   SA p.9

                                                                               BB3 p.188  BB4 p.72/3

9-1879   Harry                                                        BB p.74    BB2 p.179

9-1880   Lonely is the night Billy Squier                     BB p.102   BB4 p.132/3



9-1882                           Denmark St                      LPF   BB3.175  BB4 p.220           for sale  2014

9-1884                                                                    BOTB p.94


9-1886                           Scott Johnson                  BB p.24 p.33  LPJ p.129              Kiya Gallery Collection

                                                                               BOTB p.96   SA p.24

9-1887   Lemon Drop                                             Sa p.32                                        TW Poster - 1990 DVD

9-1891   Wheeling Burst                                        BB p.81   MLP                              TW Poster  1990 DVD  in memory

                                                                               MY p.15  SA p.45/69                     of Andreja Marovic (MLP)

                                                                               Bst p.45 BB3 p.221                       Vic DaPra first burst  Wheeling,  $1600 in 1973



9-1893                               Drew Berlin                  BB2 p.44                                        Arlington Guitar Show 2015

9-1895   Grabham/Burnie    Tom Wilson                   BB p,127   BB3 p.170                    ex Mick Grabham, Procol Harum

                                                                               BB3 p.34-35   BB3 p.201/5            SD pickups  dem with Mick Grabham

                                                                               BB4 p.242                                      a close look at the guitar



9-1897                                                                    BB p.82  Bst p.45

9-1898   Cathedral Burst   Johnny A                      BOTB p.98  MLP  SA p.11/41        ex Mike Bowen/ Brad Whitford

                                                                               Bst p.34/46   BB3 p.140/1


9-1899   Kadee burst          Craig Erickson            Bst p.46   BB3 p.173

                                                                               BB4 p.88