9-0600                          Viktor Nemeth                   BB p.79  BOTB p.46 BB3 p.130/1

                                                                               BB2 p.130  SA p.9/40/42

                                                                               Bst p.25     BB3 p.227

                                                                               BB4 p.168/9

9-0603                                                                    BB3 p.148

9-0605   Curly Wonder   Art Atwood                      BB2 p.119  GibB p.23                   big neck profile  b-zebra    n-d/white

                                                                               Bst p.26


9-0607                                                                     f/b  Markus Hoffer 2015

9-0608                          Kosta                                 GibB p.23  Bst p.26                      double whites

9-0609                          Paul Gabriel                       BB3 p.68

9-0611                          ESP museum                    Young Guitar 07/2008 LPJ p.40   youtube video

                                                                                BB4 p.200


9-0612                                                                     BB2 p.118                                   pickguard removed

9-0614                          Lucky Fret MC                    BB2 p.190/1  SA p.49                 double whites  x Garry Richrarth  REO Speedwagon

                                                                                 BB3 p.107-230  BB4 p.71


9-0617                                                                     LPF                                             auctioned France 2016  - reached $95k out the door     9-0618

9-0623                                                                                                                        lots of discussion on the LPF about the validy of this

9-0625                                                                                                                        Billy Gibbons f/b montage photo

9-0626                                                                                                                        Billy Gibbons f/b montage photo

9-0627   The Gruhan    Vic Dapra                          BB p.44-105  MY FB                    p.19ex Gruhn guitars - Vic bought it in 1984 from

                                                                               SA p.6    BB3 p.192                      Dino Bradley-

                                                                               BOTB p.48  BB4 p216/7- 248

9-0628                                                                    SA p.48

9-0629   Goldie                                                       T W poster   BB2 p.110               1990 DVD -  one of Collectors series

                                                                               MY p.7  GibB  p.24  Bst p.27

                                                                               BB3 p.65/105/174

9-0631                            J Buedel                          T W poster  GibB p.23 LPJp.42  1990 DVD     Young Guitar 7/2008

                                                                                SA p.6/46/59  Bst p.26

9-0632                           Ichiro Kato                        BOTB p.52  BB4 p.182


9-0633                            Koji Shimada                   BB p.25  MLP BB2 p.173           very large neck

                                                                               GibB p.23  SA p.47 Bst p.26

                                                                               BB3 p.207  BB4 p.201



9-0636   Battle Axe         Tom Allen                        LPF    Bst p.28   BBIII p.220       see news section/guitar stories  for pic

9-0637   The Preacher        RSM                               BB2 p.31  BB3 p221                    Mike Hickey at RSM

9-0639                                                                    BB p.10  BB4 p.109                     zebra and double whites

9-0640    Sekai -ichi        Ishiro Kato                         BOTB p.54   SA p.18   Bst p.31

                                                                               BB4 p.235                  


9-0643   The Amber Burst      Billy Straus                     BB p.67 LPF  BB2 p.100  

                                                                               BB4 p.29


9-0644                                                                    BB p.96  SA p.26  Bst p.29           T W 1989 DVD


9-0645   Virginia             Daryl (Marty) Schiff         BB2 p.128  LPF                             in 'the Collection' by Marty Schiff 

9-0646                            ESP museum                 Young Guitar 7/2008 LPJ p.44

                                                                               Bst p.29

9-0647                            Eliot Michael                    BB p.32-81  BB2 p.44

                                                                                BB4 p.240

9-0652                            Kenji ex Tom Wittrock     LPJ p.46   BB3 p.37                        now in Japan     1989 DVD  Bigsby

9-0653                            Brad Whitford                  BB p.110-111  SA p.26

                                                                               Bst p.29

9-0655                            Rick Nielsen                    BB p.91  BB2 p.7 BB4 p.166

9-0656                            Albert Molinaro                BOTB p.56  SA p.39  BB3 p.156  Bigsby

                                                                               Bst p.30/54 BB4 p.38  


9-0657                            ESP museum                   BB p.6    LPJ p.48                        found by Jimmy Browne Guitar Emp.  mid '80's

                                                                               T W   poster  Young Guitar           July 2008          1990 DVD

                                                                               SA p.28  Bst.30

9-0658  Viva Mexico                                              BB4 p.258

9-0659                                                                    T W  poster

9-0662                                                                    BB4 p.51 BG2 p95

9-0663                            J Perry /Johnson              BB p.54 BOTB p.58

                                       Slash                               BB p.85    BB2 p.177 BB4 p.48/9

9-0668                                                                    BB2 p.102                                     there appears to be 2 bursts with this s/n

                                                                                                                                     inclusion in books doesnt validate a guitar

9-0669                                                                    BOTB p.60                                   Billy Gibbons montage photo



9-0676    Danger burst   ex GuitarPoint                 BB2 p.90  LPF  BB4 p.50             was for sale in france -click link - now at GuitarPoint

                                                                                                                                    more info under burst sales and burst stories



9-0679   Picard                                                       BB p.90  TB p.124  BB3 p.167

9-0681   Johnny              Charlie Daughtry             BB p.85  BB2 p.37 BB4 p.202                   

                                                                                BB3 p218


9-0684                                                                      BG2 p.23

9-0685                            MS                                    BB4 p.40/1 232

9-0686   Rocky               Charlie Daughtry             BB p.34    GibB p.25  BB4 p.57      double white

9-0691   Johnny                                                     BB p131  BB2 p.54

                                                                               TB p.2-3-96

9-0694                                                                    BB3 p.117  BB4 p.102/3

9-0695   Rossington       Garry Rossington            TB p.115-136  DH p.162  BB4 p.181

9-0696   Grainger Burst     Denmark St  Guitars        BB3 p.40

                                        Justin Harris                    BB p.49  LPF  BB2 p.43            ex Gary Grainger of Rod Stewart Band

                                                                                BB3 p.40

9-0697                            Albert Molinaro                BB p.90 BOTB p.62  SA p.38

                                        Kirk Hammett                  BB3 p.4

                                                                                Bsl p.56         


9-0710                                                                     SA p.57

9-0714   The Roarer       Binky Phillips                   F/book  Burst Hunter                 bought in 1972 from Rick Derringer for $650

                                                                               BB3 p.199                                  Jeff Beck did try to buy it - great story

9-0735                           ESP museum                                                                      ESP



9-0799                            Mike Reeder                    BB p.7   BB2 p.171                      ex Brad Whitford, Aerosmith

                                                                                SA p.51


9-0813                            Charlie Daughtry

9-0821   Memphis Mojo     David Nahmad (2017)     BB3 p.208/9                                 see BBIII page  for my pics from Arlington 2015

                                                                                                                                    Arlington video

9-0823   Spinal Tap                                                TB p.81-82  BB2 p.175                 as in the movie

                                                                               BB p.9   BB3 p.224


 9-0826                                                                   BB p.75

                                                                               BOTB p.123                                 double whites